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Celebrate Catherine’s 20 Years Experience in the Plastic surgery industry with:
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Cosmetic Patient Attraction in 2020


How to Succeed in 2020

The Plan to Keep You Busy AND Profitable All Year

New Patient Attraction
Lead Generation

Attract your “preferred” cosmetic patients who care more about your skills and expertise than saving a buck.

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Patient Lead Conversion

Turn your staff into converting rock stars who turn callers into appointments and consultations into paid procedures.

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Lead Follow Up

Convert at least 15% more of your dead leads with effective strategies that turn, “I have to think about it” to “Yes! I am ready to do this!”

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Cosmetic Patient Retention

Retention is the New Patient Attraction strategy for 2020. Put golden handcuffs on your current patients so they return, refer, and review

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What our clients say about us

"Catherine Maley has one of the best Marketing Minds in the aesthetic industry, bar none. She understands the aesthetic patient and she also understands the challenges and frustrations we face as aesthetic surgeons. You will benefit from Catherine's tools whether you are new in practice or a seasoned professional.Turn to Catherine for guidance - she knows what she's talking about."
"We engaged with Catherine for several reasons.  While we run a very successful cosmetic practice, we are always open to discovering new ways to “better our best” in terms of staff, practice structure and processes.  Given Catherine’s years of “best practice” study around the world, we thought her an excellent choice to help us re-imagine our practice.  Catherine was instrumental in setting up a new structure that made our large team of surgeons and staff work together more cohesively. She outlined a plan that put key metrics in place, gave us a clear plan to follow throughout the year and trained our staff to increase their conversions by at least 10%.  We immediately felt a renewed sense of optimism and enthusiasm for our growth.  Since engaging with Catherine, I’m happy to report that revenues are up 15% over the last three months - 22% in the last month alone! I highly recommend Catherine’s consulting services to any practice looking for “best practice” additions to their operation.  Her years of experience allow her to bring outside eyes to your practice, recognize what’s off, and recommend concrete actionable plans for improvement."
"Catherine Maley turned our practice around. We attended her How To Convert More Consultations webinar and implemented her system the following week. We converted more consultations in that week than we did in the entire month. Our practice went from a painful 50% no show rate to a remarkable 85% show rate. Even more impressive was our close ratio - from 35% to 80% and still increasing. We would recommend her to any practice that’s looking to not only increase their profits today, but sustain a healthy flow of income for many years to come. Thanks Catherine!"
"I have finally tapped into the most efficient way to grow my cosmetic practice and that is to “fish in the pond of my own patients”. When patients return to my practice, over 85% will purchase another service, product, or procedure. Not only was it worth over $200,000 in revenues this past year, it also reminds my patients I’m still around so they don’t wander off to my competitors. Catherine’s group has far exceeded our expectations and goals we had set up for them to achieve."
"Working with Catherine and her team has been very profitable. We’re only half way through the year and I’m up $200K and I’m booked out for the next 2 months even though we typically go into our slow summer months now. Her recent promotion brought in an extra $63,782 with more surgeries scheduled. I never realized how much money was sitting in my patient list but I’m a believer now!"
"Catherine’s consulting service have paid for itself many times over the investment I made engaging with her. Working with her helped change my perspective of how to run my already successful practice to one that is more streamlined and profitable. The training she gave my staff was also fantastic. I hear my staff using Catherine’s strategies to close more calls and consultations. They are also taking more initiative to implement the strategies Catherine customized for our practice. If you have plateaued or if the gaps in your processes are costing you, Catherine can help. She’s worth every penny."
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Catherine Maley, MBA is Speaker, Author, Writer, Trainer, Consultant and Podcaster for the Plastic Surgery Industry since Year 2000

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