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If you enjoy fantastic revenue months only to be followed by horrible months where you’re wondering how to cover overhead, read on…

The best way to avoid these, “revenue peaks and valleys” is to execute a plan for the entire year so you are set up to win EVERY month.

A well thought-out marketing plan gives you peace of mind knowing you’ll have consistent revenues every month no marketing calendarmatter what.

For example, one piece of the marketing puzzle is email marketing to your current patient database. Your current patients are ALWAYS your lowest-hanging fruit to cosmetic revenues because they already know, like, and trust you and are much more likely to respond to your promotional efforts.

Email marketing DONE RIGHT is a no-brainer since it’s easy to execute, the technology is affordable and you can reach a lot of people quickly.

The downside is SPAM, firewalls and google email segmenting in-boxes are making email marketing more difficult then ever for your 2016 Marketing Calendar intended audience to actually SEE IT in their in-box.

And, there’s the RIGHT way to do it that gets your phones ringing and your patients coming back for more. Or, there’s the WRONG way to do it and annoy your patients so they unsubscribe.

Email marketing has a formula to it and it consists of a blend of:

–  Educational

–  Entertaining

–  Compelling

But you need the right mix. Otherwise…

If you are only educational, your audience may appreciate your information but chose to go elsewhere, or worse, bring your educational materials to another provider to have it done by them because it’s closer to home, the hours are more convenient and on and on.

If you are only entertaining, prospective patients may check you out and follow you to see what you’re up to but not take you as seriously as they do your competitors and decide to go elsewhere.

If you are only compelling, you are giving prospective patients a really good reason to connect with you NOW but you’re not connecting with them on a personal level so you run the risk of attracting price-shoppers and nobody wants that.

Here are fantastic results when email marketing is done RIGHT:

Case Study:
(2) Mommy Makeover
(1) Tummy Tuck
(1) Breast Aug
New Patient – 1 Velashape
New Patient – Ultrashape
New Patient – Laser
(4) Injectables                                              = $52,503

Case Study:
(2) Mommy Makeover
(1) Breast Aug
(1) Coolsculpting
(3) Injectables
(1) New Patient – Injectables                     = $39,400

Discover how you, too, can get results like this. It’s not as easy as slapping something together and shooting it out of Constant Contact.
You need strategy, creativity, and our “Secret Sauce”.

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