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This Week’s Question: 2017 Plan for More Cosmetic Patients.

More Cosmetic Patients




Dear Catherine,

This past year was bumpy for my cosmetic practice. I had really good months and then several slow months that had me dipping into my reserves to cover my overhead.

We spent a lot on marketing efforts but the results were sporadic. I’m not sure if it’s because we spent on the wrong marketing efforts or because I lost the staff person responsible for marketing.

I need a better plan this year so I can count on more consistent revenues.

Rather than guess what to do to market my practice and hope for good results, I’d like a more structured plan this year that my staff can follow so I’m sure we have something in place to keep us busy all year.

Do you have a structure for a plastic surgery practice to follow that would give us a marketing plan for more consistent results this year?

Dr. R

Catherine’s Answer:

Dear Dr. R,

Thank you for asking a great question. Last year was bumpy for a lot of cosmetic practices since things keep changing in the world of cosmetic patient attraction.

The challenge of dealing with today’s infinite number of media and technology choices is mind-numbing. Not to mention confusing Internet marketing tactics and questionable social media results. It’s a lot!

This all adds to the confusion of where to spend your marketing dollars to attract patients.

You are smart to want to put a plan in place to generate a never-ending stream of qualified leads from cosmetic patients who want your skills and expertise.

Although it is a lot of work and can be a hassle to set up a marketing plan that works for you all year long so you don’t have to think about it, I have a shortcut that takes the guesswork out of it and gets you the best results…

1. Plan out your marketing calendar NOW
The secret is to plan out your marketing calendar for the entire year NOW before you get busy and the year gets away from you.

It will save you from the “revenues roller coaster” that happens in our industry when things can slow down during certain months….especially when you don’t plan ahead!

Your plan will keep your phones ringing every month of the year so you’re not blind-sided by slow months you didn’t see coming. That’s how you avoid that uneasy feeling of having more overhead costs than income coming in.

2. A plan gives you clarity and certainty
Having a solid plan in place that’s humming along throughout the year that you don’t have to worry about is golden. Because then you know you’re bringing in revenues. That gives you the mental freedom from constantly worrying about your practice’s financial stability.

And, a well-thought out marketing plan for 2017 gives you lots of advantages:

1) It gives you clarity on exactly what needs to be done and when;
2) It ensures a good mix of offerings for surgeries, lasers, and injectables;
3) You are seen as the ONLY option to your “preferred” patients; and,
4) More importantly, you will run circles around your competitors since they haven’t bothered planning. This gives you the competitive edge.

3. Once its done….it’s done!
The best part is once you’ve done it – you’re done! You no longer have to constantly think about it anymore. What a relief!

Everything else can be changing around you but you have your patient-attraction plan in place humming along working for you – no matter what else if going on in your practice.

So, how do you set up a plan and what’s goes in it?

This would take a lot of time and probably a hassle if you did this on your own but you don’t have to because I’ll show you exactly how to set up your own patient attraction system that works every month of the year.

This will save you and your staff hours and hours of guessing at what to do and how to do it.

Join me for my next Free Online Training called: 

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I’ll map out a plan for you so you are ready to roll this year with certainty.

“See” you there!


Do you have a plan for 2017 already?
If so, what does it include?

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