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I love new beginnings, a fresh start and a clean slate. It feels exciting with
endless opportunities, doesn’t it?

So the best way to have a great 2019 is to have CLARITY and FOCUS now
at the beginning of the year since it’s the day-to-day successes that add up
to a great year at the end.

Having tangible goals every month keeps you and your staff moving in the
right direction because you have goals to work towards each month.

This way, you know you’re on track month after month so you don’t have to
play “catch up” at the end of the year if you fall short.

As management guru Peter Drucker said, “You can’t manage what you
don’t measure
” so let’s fix that.

Here’s what you do….

#1: Download the 2019 Goal Board for Plastic Surgeons
grab a red marker.

Goal board for plastic surgeons

#2: Meet as a team and decide what needs to happen this month.

Keep it simple. Make your goals achievable but a stretch. For

  • See X # of Consultations
    – Complete X # of Surgeries
    – Perform X # of Laser Treatments
    – Inject X # of Syringes of Filler
    – Get X # of 5-Star Reviews
    – Upload X # of Before/After Photos

With your red marker, write your goals in the left margin, include HOW you’re going to do it in the notes section and then
starting at the bottom in the right 
column, fill in achievements as you go.

#3: Celebrate!

Attach a celebration to it when you reach your goals so everyone is clear on the
“Why” they are going above and beyond to make it happen. It can be lunch brought
in, massages, dinner out or brainstorm other ideas that would get you jazzed.

So, call a team meeting, define your goals and make it happen!

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