3 Steps to Smart Aesthetic Marketing

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Step #1: Smart aesthetic marketing focuses your message on the patients you most want to visit your practice. You do not want to be everything to everybody because that’s too general and won’t appeal to anyone.  Decide now who your “preferred” patient is in terms of:

–      Ethnicity

–      Age

–      Income

–      Zip Code

–      Lifestyle: single or married

–      Professional or stay-at-home mom

–      Procedures they want

–      Concerns they have

Step #2: Understand what that particular target group is most interested in and how your services provide the best solution.  You can brainstorm with your staff or, better yet, ask your patients directly.

For example, the younger Hispanic female may be most interested in hair removal or liposuction at the best price possible whereas the mature professional Caucasian woman may be interested in paying top dollar for a natural-looking face lift.  Your headlines reaching out to these different groups would be completely different:

Sick of Unwanted Hair?  Get Rid of It Painlessly.

Afraid of An “Overdone” Face Lift Look?  Read This….

Step #3:  Be where they are, so they see and act on your message.

–      Attend/speak at events they attend

–      Buy banner ads on websites they frequent

–      Mail them educational materials with an offer to call now

Although this may feel counterintuitive to you to condense your focus, it will actually give you more results because you are working with quality rather than quantity.


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