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8 out of 10 offices have poorly-trained staff that cost them a fortune
every year in missed revenues.

The number #1 complaint I get from surgeons is they have great
staff but they can’t convert the patient to surgery.

So they watch prospective patients walk out the door without
taking any action. And then they’re frustrated for spending so
much time on these consults that go nowhere.

What’s that costing you? If your average surgical procedure is $8K,
losing only 1 of these patients per day for 22 days per month x 12
months per year equals $2,112,000 per year.

That’s obscene!

It’s also the reality in most practices and must be addressed.

No matter how much you throw at advertising to promote your
plastic surgery practice, it’s a waste of time and money if your staff
can’t convert the patients.

Think about it… You pay all of this overhead to salaried/bonused
staff members to work with your prospective patients so you can
focus on the clinical side of your practice only to find that 3 out of 10
of the prospective patients who came in for a consultation decided to
wait; or worse – decided to go to someone else!

Let’s turn that around so your efforts are not in vain.

Here are 3 strategies to use TODAY to convert more consults in less

Are you sure you have the right person representing you?

You need to be honest with yourself. Do you have the right person for
this critical position in your practice that can catapult your revenues?

She doesn’t need to be pushy or aggressive, but she does need to be
confident in you and in herself.

Does she believe that you are the best choice?

Does she believe it would be a disservice if she didn’t do all she could
to help the prospective patient choose you rather than some “low-ball”
competitor who gave her a “less than stellar” result and now she regrets
NOT choosing you?

Can she bond quickly with prospective patients so they relax and open
up to her so she understands what the patient wants and needs in order
to make a decision?  If not, she’s never going to get to a yes….or at least
not as often as you need her to.

Is she articulate and skilled enough to explain with passion why YOU
and why NOW?

Nobody NEEDS plastic surgery but they sure want the results and the
feelings they get from loving how they look!

Does she know how to strategically get the patient excited about their
future and add a sense of urgency to the prospective surgical patient
on the fence who will continue to procrastinate unless someone guides

If you haven’t been able to say yes to my questions above, please do you
and her a favor and make a change. Perhaps she can be reassigned to any
other position in your practice.

It’s time you get the right person with the right mindset and attitude who
can turn into your very own money-making machine (with my guidance,
of course).


Are you giving everybody easy access to you?

Most practices I consult with believe once they get a patient through their
doors, they book.

Is that really true? If so, how come their conversion rates are less than 35%
and they hired me to help them?  🙂

Again, let’s be honest and identify the problem so we can fix it.

The reality is most practices are letting anyone through the door. But you
don’t want anyone. You want prospective patients most likely to say yes,

Then let’s put some barriers of entry up to save you and your staff massive
amounts of time and headaches.

Here’s what you do…..

Make a list of what STOPS a prospective patient from saying yes.  Are they
on serious medications? Do they have heart issues? Are they diabetic? Is their
BMI too high? Are they breast-feeding? Are they broke?

Why not find that out NOW before you invite them in to waste your time,
tie up your staff and frustrate you?

Take the list from above and turn that into your pre-qualifying checklist to
ask the prospective patient during your coordinator’s initial pre-consult call
when she’s introducing herself.

This strategy frees you and your staff up to provide quality customer service
to those most likely to move forward.

Hate to brag about yourself?

 Do you cringe at the thought of self-promotion and being braggadocios?

While I completely understand, now is the time to rethink your beliefs
about it.

The harsh reality is that in a highly competitive world, a smart marketer
wins over a highly experienced surgeon.

Here’s how we get around this one.  YOU personally don’t have to
brag about YOU but others do….

  • Your website people make sure your Website highlights your brilliance;
  • Your marketing people broadcast your writing, research and speaking
  • Your social media people highlight your skills and expertise;
  • Your patients give you stellar reviews and passionate video testimonials
    for the world to see.

These simple tweaks can make the difference between an OK month of consult
conversions to a WOW month now and every month after that.

Let me know how it goes!


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