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Ask Catherine3 Tips to Dramatically Better Email Results

This Week’s Topic: 3 Tips to Dramatically Better Email Results

Your cosmetic patients are getting dozens, if not hundreds, of other emails every day. They are constantly being asked to start a free trial, buy something or follow someone on Facebook.

There’s an overwhelming amount of noise in the inbox. That’s why showing your cosmetic patients that you care about them goes a long way towards earning their trust.

To help you get a much better response than you’re getting now, here are 3 tips to dramatically better your email results:

1. Create an exclusive private club

Your patients need to feel special. A great way to do that is to subtlety remind them of the exclusivity they enjoy with you.

Be sure they realize they get exclusive offers and private invites to your services and events because they are your patient. Not just anyone can get this – only they can.

This not only makes them feel special, it builds a better relationship with them. It’s the value-add that builds loyalty.

 3 Tips to Dramatically Better Email Results2. Use social proof

The strategic way to “toot your own horn” is to let the facts do the talking for you. And the facts need to be the social proof your patients need to feel comfortable enough to say yes to you.

So how do you build social proof?

You casually mention how many surgical procedures you’ve performed throughout your career. Sprinkle into your copy the number of injectables and laser procedures that have been performed by you and/or your staff.

And by all means, add before/after photos. A picture really is worth a thousand words so collect them and use them.

Along with the photos, collect written testimonials and reviews, so prospective patients can hear directly from other patients just like them about their experience and how happy they are with their results.

3. Go for Small Wins

Your cosmetic practice is powered by small wins because big wins like surgery are earned over time.

Even small wins are a big deal. Don’t be surprised when you ask your patient list to act and only a very small percentage actually do.

Look at it as building momentum. Most likely, your patients are sitting on the sidelines, watching and reading your 3 Tips to Dramatically Better Email Results emails about the possibilities for them to look and feel even better and that gets them pondering their next move.

This takes time. Small wins increase patient retention and create “lifetime patients” that come back for small AND big wins.

For your cosmetic patients to take ANY action towards you is a bigger deal than you think.

So, your email strategy with small wins looks like this:

– get your patient’s interest so they click to open your emails

– get them clicking on your email content that leads back to your website to learn more

– get them to click to call or click to schedule a consultation

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3 Tips to Dramatically Better Email Results







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