3 Ways Patients Become Raving Fans

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Don’t you love to spend time with patients who think you’re the greatest?

They are open to your recommendations, nice to your staff, don’t complain and bring positive energy to
your day.

On top of that, they sing your praises to their friends and family who also show up ready to say yes to you.

You have a subset of these cosmetic patients in your practice right now.

The beauty (pun intended) is these patients are loyal to you. They wouldn’t dream of leaving you for a
lower-priced competitor because they trust you and the results they get.

The trick is to grow that group of cheerleaders into your raving fans so they return, refer and review more

That sounds great but how do you do that?
How do you fill up your practice with more of these raving fans?

The secret is to make them feel special because they are.

Here are 3 ways your patients become raving fans:

Aesthetic Advisory Board

Corporate businesses have an advisory board to guide them.
They choose smart, powerful and effective people to meet with
them throughout the year to help them grow their business.

You can do the same. Select 25 of your best cosmetic patients
to be on your advisory board. These are patients who have
spent a considerable amount of money with you, are a pleasure
to work with and, hopefully, connected in the community and/
or online.

Have your coordinator invite them to join your new advisory board and meet with you twice per year at
private dinner meetings at a nice restaurant. They are to bring a friend that is new to your practice.

You have a nice dinner with wine and it’s helpful if they sit at circle tables so the audience gets to know
each other and they get comfortable.

You now give a short presentation on what’s new in the world of cosmetic surgery and show lots of before/
after photos of your other happy patients.

Now you thank them for coming and tell them you appreciate their loyalty and would like ideas to grow
your practice organically with other patients just like them.

You now brainstorm ideas to tap into who they know and what they know. Tip: it’s a good idea to have 1
or 2 ladies patients in the audience prepped and ready to get the ball rolling with her ideas.

You will quickly learn who can get you free PR or a speaking gig, a guest spot on a mommy blog and one
of the attendees has 100,000 followers on Instagram and on and on.

The board members then receive a fun goody bag thank them for participating and the guest they brought
gets a $100 Get-to-Know-Us Gift Card to experience your practice and report back to you, via a private cell
phone or email you give them, their findings so you can improve your processes.

VIP Program






Select the top 100-200 cosmetic patients in your list and send them a letter along with a special VIP card.
Tell them they have been selected as a VIP patient that include perks others don’t get. That way, they feel

Be creative with the perks. Offer such things as:

  • Last minute Botox appointments
  • 10% Off Skin Care Products
  • Valet Parking
  • Free Monthly Peel

The VIP card is only good for that year and will be re-evaluated the following year depending on their usage
of it.

Thank You Gift

Thank your patients anytime they refer a friend, give you a
great review, agree to a video testimonial and anything else
they do to help promote you.

You put together a cute basket of your most popular skin care
products and include a free peel or micro-needling treatment.

This gift needs to be impressive so they show their friends,
upload a picture of it to their social media channels and brag about it in your community. This is money well spent.

Yes, it takes work, planning and effort to execute these strategies but the return you get is priceless.

Please let me know how it works out for you.


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