4 Core Success Principles for Plastic Surgeons

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How would you like to have a smooth-running practice with the best staff supporting your
vision while you stay busy and profitable giving your patients the best results possible?

You may feel like that’s a pipe dream. That you’ve tried everything; yet, you will encounter:

  • Staff who don’t “get it”
  • Leads not being followed up on
  • Inconsistent revenues
  • The constant feeling you could be progressing so much more if only…(fill in the blank).

The solutions to your frustration are in the business
principles of any successful practice. Once 
you have
these down, you will experience what you always
wanted…a smooth running practice 
you’re happy to
go to every morning.

Because you’ll quickly see how leveraging your skills,
effort and resources takes your practice to a whole
different level and gives you the clarity and peace of
mind you’re looking for.

Here are the practice fundamentals that need to be in place for you to succeed in today’s crazy
competitive, complex and saturated marketplace:

Surround Yourself with a Professional Team

Hire, train and motivate a team of rock stars who respect and support you. The kind of staff:

  • Who have your back;
  • Who eagerly and cheerfully sing your praises to prospective patients;
  • Who take care of your current patients and treat them like family; AND
  • Who work together as a team so nothing falls through the cracks.

Because the opposite of that opens the door to what you DO NOT want to happen:

High staff turnover, an uncomfortable working environment, tension or embezzlement.
of that can happen when you are set up properly.

Follow a Strategic Marketing Plan

What is the BEST way to grow your cosmetic practice? Is it SEO? PPC? Consumer Directories?
Social Media?

The list is endless and that makes it easy to get overwhelmed so please hear this….

The most successful surgeons I know aren’t opportunists. The most successful surgeons I know are STRATEGIC.

Instead of chasing marketing tactics, they take time out to create a
comprehensive and strategic business plan using a specific formula.

They implement a marketing machine to keep a steady stream of cosmetic patients coming to them on autopilot.

Set Standards So You Don’t Compete On Price

Because the cosmetic patient today has so much choice, they are confused as well as skeptical.

They must weigh the pros and cons of price versus value and then choose the BEST CHOICE
for them.

So how do you position yourself as the best choice? You “pre-frame” you as the best choice using
logic, emotion and personal reasons why they will get the best result and patient experience when
they say yes to you.

Set Up Your Practice To Grow

A successful cosmetic practice is built on metrics, predictable income as well as processes and

The secret is to watch the most important metrics regularly so you can be sure you are in good
shape. You clearly see what you need to address as a trouble spot brewing so you’ll never again
be blindsided with surprises.

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