5 Most Common Mistakes Made Marketing Your Aesthetic Practice

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Melanie Palm, MD is a rising star in San Diego. She is young, pretty, smart and has a lovely new aesthetic practice.

Dr. Palm was the practice management moderator at AACS and invited me to speak on the topic of:
5 Most Common Mistakes Made Marketing Your Aesthetic Practice.  

Here they are in a nutshell:

1.  Not Knowing Who’s Really on Your Team
Your staff is making or breaking your practice – period. The team you surround yourself with must love aesthetics, love you and promote you enthusiastic.  They have got to be well trained and scripted to promote you and your services professionally.

2.  Ignoring Your Patients
Do you know why your patients leave you? It’s not because they don’t like you and it’s not because they got a bad result. It’s your indifference! Ignoring your patients opens the door to your competitors. Keep in touch
to build a bond with your patients so they stay loyal to you.

3.  Assuming Your Patients Will Refer
Patients are busy and need to be reminded to refer you. They also need easy ways to do that. Give them props such as Get-to-Know-Us gift cards they can carry in their wallet. Also give them their photos so they can show to their closest friends.

4.  One Size Does Not Fit All
Before the Internet craze, you could send out one ad with a list of your services in the local newspaper and hope enough of the readers would contact you.  Those days are over.  You will get a better result when you have one specific message going to one specific group of patients using the best media channel for them. For example, you could send a heart-felt letter about a mini-life to females 50+ years-old or you could do face book ads for 20-25 year-olds talking about breast aug.

5.  No Plan in Place
You cannot “wing” it in today’s competitive world. Set up a predictable patient-attraction system to attract, qualify, retain, obtain reviews and encourage referrals. You set up protocols for everything else in your practice and marketing is no different.

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