5 Hottest New-Patient Attraction Trends in 2014

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This year will prove to be more challenging than ever to grab the attention of prospective cosmetic patients.

Why?  Because we are moving to the “attention economy” where new patient’s attention is  scarce and hard to come by.

According to a report by the University of California, San Diego, would-be cosmetic patients are seeing more than 34 billion bits of information every day. That figure equals reading two books a day! No wonder you can’t get their attention.

Because there’s a lot of information to process, more and more prospective patients are starting to tune out. There’s too much content on too many platforms.

#1) The Importance of Personalization

The biggest trend for marketing in 2014 is around increasing personalization and relevance in communication.  That means the one-size-fits-all communication strategy will simply not be part of the conversation from now on.

This trend is towards creating niche-specific, high quality valuable messaging delivered at the right time while using the right media channel.

 Here are examples you can use in your own marketing plan:

Want more facelifts?  Describe how fat transfer, in conjunction with a facelift, would give the cosmetic patient a better and longer-lasting outcome. Now turn that description into a press release, an email that goes to your patients age 50+, an article for a baby boomer blogger, and a direct mail piece to your 50+ patients in your database.

Want more Mommy Makeovers?  Prepare a list of 10 questions cosmetic patients typically ask and your answers to those questions. Now shoot a simple video answering the questions and upload it to YouTube, submit your FAQs as an article to Mommy Bloggers, run google ads on Mommy websites and run a Mother’s Day special for your patients as well as their sisters, mom’s and girlfriends via email and direct mail.

This blog post is getting a little wordy so I have prepared a Webinar outlining the other 4 trends, along with real-life strategies and case studies that are proven to work this year to attract the “right” patients to your practice:

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