5 Phone Fixes Worth $528,000 a Year

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Did you know that 20-30% of potential new patients are lost on the first phone call to your practice and that…

9 out of 10 offices have poorly-trained staff who can’t convert callers to patients, costing them thousands of dollars a year in missed revenues. Are you one of them?

The number #1 complaint I get from doctors like yourself is they have great staff but they are just not skilled enough when it comes to promoting you to your patients. So, you hear callers hang up without scheduling.

Everything you do to promote your aesthetic practice will be a waste of time and money if your staff can’t close the callers. Why spend thousands of dollars on a great advertisement if the new patients are met with unhelpful or unfriendly staff answering the phone? No ad is good enough to make up for poorly trained staff…

Anytime a prospective patient calls, the staff gives them an impression about you and your practice. What impression is your staff giving your valuable prospective patients?

Think about it . . . You pay all of this overhead to salaried staff members to work with your aesthetic patients so you can focus on the medical side of your practice only to find that 7 out of 10 of the prospective patients who call you hang up without booking an appointment…

…Only to learn the would-be patient decided to wait or to “think it over” — never to be heard from again. Most doctors don’t realize just how much money is slipping through their fingers because their team is ill-prepared to handle patient inquiries effectively. I’ll give you a hint on the loss: if you are losing 1 patient a day at $2,000, do you realize that adds up to $100,000 per year that could have gone into your pocket?

Are you 100% sure your staff has the necessary skills to promote you and close the aesthetic patient?

For years now, I have called and met with practices to “mystery shop” to see how patient inquiries are handled. Quite frankly, I’ve been shocked by what I have witnessed.

No wonder prospective patients aren’t booking! As a prospective patient, I’ve been hung up on, curtly told to call back and my questions dismissed because they are interrupting the receptionist.  You don’t even know how often your staff acts as the profit-prevention department rather than the customer service department ready to help, educate and advise.

 Why Can’t Your Staff Convert?

Fact is your staff may be unknowingly sabotaging your best practice promotion efforts because they don’t have the skills or the training they need to close a simple appointment. I assure you — you would be shocked at some of the things your staff is saying to the patients that are making them run the other way.

But It’s Not Your Staff’s Fault — They Need Help!

 Most likely, they are doing their best with the limited skills they have and would do better if they knew better. Turn your staff into money-making assets with the proper training. In order for staff to be able to convert calls from prospective patients to appointments, they need to know how to effectively handle patient inquiries — it’s that simple.

 If You Give Your Staff the Magic Words, They Will Gratefully Use Them to Make You More Profitable! Clear and consistent communication with your prospective patients is, by far, the fastest way to convert them to eager, cash-paying, loyal patients. I guarantee your staff will be more effective and close more appointments if you give them the tools they need to bond with, promote you and the practice, and close these prospective patients.

Attend my next Webinar, and be sure your staff is there, while I talk about the 5 Phone Fixes Worth $528,000 a Year. I am holding it during your lunch hour so you and your staff can attend. It will be worth 30 minutes of your time.

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