7 Costly Mistakes Surgeons Make When Choosing a Marketing Partner

Use this as a checklist to avoid wasting money on slick internet marketers. Some are very good and some use their excellent marketing skills and ninja Internet tricks to sell you on their “get rich quick” schemes. This checklist should help you identify who could best grow your cosmetic practice revenues:

No Experience in the Aesthetic Industry

The vendor knows nothing about the aesthetic rejuvenation industry so they need to learn on your dime. It’s also going to take them time to catch up since the learning curve is steep.

No Documented Results with Case Studies

The internet and ease of technology have lowered the barrier of entry. Anyone can put up a fancy Website and call themselves an expert but looks can be deceiving. They CAN NOT show you real, live case studies and testimonials from other surgeons who have had great results from their efforts.

No Customer Support

It’s difficult or impossible to talk to a real person live when you need assistance. You have to leave a message or submit a service ticket and then hope they get back to you in a timely matter.

No Guarantee

They do not back up their claims or offer you any peace of mind so you feel confident you won’t lose money working with them.

No Way Out of Long-Term Contracts

Once you sign on the dotted line, there’s no way out no matter how dissatisfied you are with the service so you get to continue to pay until it expires.

The Poor Quality Leads

The Internet gives you access to the world which is why vendors promise you lots of “clicks and calls”. However, they have no control over the quality of the lead. Actually, only 3% of people searching on the Internet are ready to buy. That leaves you with a whole lot of “look-e-loos” that will eat up your time and resources with no intention to move forward.

No Staff Training to Convert the Leads

All the leads in the world will do you no good if you can’t convert them. If the vendor is not helping your staff convert the leads they are sending your way, you are losing money.


Note from Catherine:

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