Case Studies of Successful Aesthetic Marketing

Case Study #1: Email Marketing

A holiday-themed e-Blast was emailed to 1,500 patients. It included (3) special offers for a limited time. 36% opened the email within 72 hours and here are the results:

Alibhai holiday email

42 Microdermabrasion = $4,200
4 Photorejuvenation = $1,200
2 Laser Hair Removal = $ 600
6 Gift Certificates = $ 600
Total Revenues = $6,600
Cost of Email = (650)
Return on Investment = $5,950
+ 6 New Patients
+ Increased Patient Loyalty

“You have proven to be a valuable resource to me and have saved me time and money with your proven marketing strategies that get my telephone ringing. Thank you.”

Haneef Alibhai, MD

Case Study #2: Email Marketing

An e-Newsletter was emailed to 287 aesthetic patients, of which 32% opened. It highlighted an upper and lower eye lift and included before/after photos as well as patient testimonials. Here are the results:
Coastal Facial email

(3) Blephs Surgeries = $15,000
Miscellaneous = $ 1,000
(1) Nose Consultation
Revenues = $16,000
Cost of Email = (650)
Return on Investment = $15,350
+ Possible Nose
+ Increased Patient Loyalty

“One of Catherine’s emails brought in $15,000 in sold surgical procedures plus some incidental revenues from several patients who commented on receiving it. It was a painless process and we plan on sending them out regularly.”

Cyndee Cave, RN
Nurse Administrator
Coastal Facial Plastic Surgery

Case Study #3: Postcard Marketing

A large 6×9 2-sided color postcard was sent to 1,500 aesthetic patients introducing a new aesthetician to the practice as well as a special offer to experience a facial treatment from her.Patient Postcards

32 Microdermabrasion Treatments =
6 Botox Treatments =
5 Skin Care Products =
$ 375
3 Surgical Consultations =
Revenues =
Costs to Design, Print & Mail = ( $2,600)
Total Return on Investment = $3,075
+ Increased Patient Loyalty
+ Brought in Long-Lost Patients
+ Increased Referrals
+ Open the Discussion for Surgery
+ Goodwill is Priceless

Case Study #4: Telephone Management

Lost Revenues with Bad Telephone Habits:Good phone habits good profits

Case Study: Low conversion rates were costing a practice 1 lost cosmetic patient per day. When calculating the average value of 1 cosmetic patient = $3,000 per year

X 22 days per month

X 12 months per year

=  $792,000 Per Year LOST Due To Bad Phones

But that’s where I come in.  With fresh eyes, I see where the mistakes are being made and where the thousands of dollars are being left on the table that you don’t see because you are too close to the situation.