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So many of my surgeon clients only see patients as surgical prospects.  So, they spend tons of time, money and effort going after one surgery and continually looking for new patients for more 1-surgery prospects.

What a waste!  An aesthetic patient who wants to look good and feel good is interested in all sorts of aesthetic enhancement – not just one surgery one time.  And, I know for a fact (and from personal experience) that if you correct something that bothers an aesthetic patient, they will most likely move on to the next concern they have.

Aesthetic patients have endless needs and time is on your side.  If they want to look and feel good today, they will continue to want to look and feel good tomorrow, next week, next year and year after year.  They don’t just stop wanting aesthetic enhancement so if they disappear from your practice, you should know they most likely went to your competitor who was staying in touch with them, educating them and giving them compelling reasons to visit.

Please rethink the average value of one surgical patient because the surgical procedure was only the tip of the iceberg.


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