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Advertising ROI:  What Can You Expect?

By:  Catherine Maley, Author of Your Aesthetic Practice

One Step Selling vs. Multi-Step Lead Generation Advertising

Before placing expensive ads or massive direct mail campaigns, decide what your objective is first.  If your goal is to get the prospective patients to pick up the phone and book a procedure. What are you selling?  Is it a $20 widget that your audience can make a quick decision on without much remorse if they don’t happen to love it or is it a complicated or expensive product or service your audience will want to consider carefully before moving forward?

A 1-step process is when you promote your services and urge the audience to act now by calling you.  It’s getting more difficult to get a good response right off the bat from this type of ad.  The audience doesn’t know you so they don’t trust you yet.  It’s asking a lot from them to see your ad, pick up the telephone and visit you for a medical procedure they hope they get a good result from.

A multiple-step process is a more strategic way to promote your services.  Think of it as “courting” a prospective patient before you go for the big close.  It is a method of educating the audience using multiple steps of contact.  That way, I prospective patient can feel more comfortable contacting you to learn more rather than to book an appointment they night not be ready to make.  The goal here is to get prospective patients to raise their hand to say they are interested.  Maybe not now or not yet but some day.

So, you need to decide what your objective is before you call your ad sales rep.  Is it to sell directly from an ad or to build a database of interested candidates?

If what you sell is complicated or costly, you may not be able to sell it directly, but you can use direct mail to obtain qualified leads for follow up later.

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