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When you first started out, what did you do to grow your practice?

I’ll bet you read books on business and or marketing since you learned nothing about that in medicine school.  You probably talked to other colleagues as much as you could to learn what they were doing or did to grow a patient database quickly so you could do the same.  You most likely networked like crazy in your community and offered to speak to groups who could potentially become aesthetic patients for you.

And, when you did have patients come to you for aesthetic enhancement, I’ll bet you treated each patient with kit gloves by giving them your undivided attention, the friendliest service and the best result possible so they would return and bring their friends with them.

So, do you still do those same things that made you successful to begin with?

If not, why not?

During these crazy economic times, now is the perfect time to get back to the basics that made you successful.  Reconnect with your patients who know you well and tell them you want more patients just like them.  Get their input on what you could do to attract more patients to your practice.  I guarantee they have lots of good ideas as well as contacts.

It’s human nature to help someone you like when you are asked so start talking to your patients to get things moving.  They want you to succeed!


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