Aesthetic Patient Data: The Key To Target Marketing

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Your current patients are always your most effective target market because they already know, like and trust you.  And, they are much more apt to respond to your promotional efforts.

The secret to marketing to them effectively is to give them a personalized message they will respond to.  How do you do that?  The answer is you customize your message based on your records.

For example, tell your Botox patients that other Botox patients also loved the youthful effects they got when adding fillers to smooth wrinkles.  Tell your veteran wrinkle filler patients there are new, long-lasting fillers and restructuring fillers available to not only smooth facial wrinkles but to also rebuild the cheek area to give you a mini jowl lift.

Use your records to flag patients who haven’t been in for awhile and offer them a “Welcome Back” gift when they return to you.

For those who came in for a surgical consultation but didn’t book, offer them a very special one-time-only, on-the-fence offer they can’t refuse.

And, lastly, by all means, use your patient data to thank anyone in your database who has referred friends to you  They love to be acknowledged, and your appreciation encourages them to refer others.


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