Why the Aesthetic Patient is REALLY in Your Office

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­You want to do everything you can to learn why the new patient is there to see you because here’s a hint: There’s a chance there’s more to their answer then originally stated.

If you and your staff bond with the new patient and let them talk, they may tell you the real reason they are there and the circumstances involved. I guarantee – it’s often not the price but something else you would never know unless they told you and they will only tell you if they feel a connection to you.

Here’s a real life example of a patient coordinator story told to me:

The patient coordinator was told by the new patient during her initial consultation that her hair stylist referred her to Dr. Smith because he was the best and his office was close by.  The back story was that the patient learned her husband was going to divorce her so she desperately needed to use up the $20,000 limit on her credit card before he shut the credit card down. This consultation had nothing to do with price, competition, shopping around or negotiations – but you would never know that unless you bond with and make the prospective patient comfortable enough to open up to you.


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