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Prospective aesthetic patients need more social proof than ever before to trust your recommendations and to move forward.  The more you address their diverse needs and wants, the more likely they are to choose you.  Here are proven strategies to help:

  • Hire your “preferred” aesthetic patients.  The best walking/talking testimonials for you will be your own staff.  Turn them into revenue-generating assets rather than overhead by letting them be your front line so your patients look to them for encouragement, proof and assurance.
  • Employ a variety of ages and ethnicities of staff that correspond with the groups of new patients you want to attract.  People like other like-minded people, so patients will more readily bond with others like them.
  • Picture your preferred patients in your promotional materials, so prospective patients identify with them.
  • Show albums full of before/after photos of diverse groups of patients so they can identify with those who share the same age, gender and ethnicity.
  • Have video testimonials of a diverse group of patients so prospective patients see and identify with them.
  • Advertise in and write content for specific targeted groups such as Indian publications or Asian websites. Then display your articles so other like-minded prospective patients see that you understand their concerns.

Just as you try to tailor your treatment to fit the unique features of your patients, tailoring your messaging to your patient’s unique preferences will increase your results and grow your aesthetic practice.


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