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Frankly, there are really only three reasons why aesthetic patients say no to you:

#1:  They want aesthetic rejuvenation but reject your proposed way of getting it
#2:  It could be price or they don’t have the ability to pay
#3:  Distrust:  They want rejuvenation, they accept your way of getting it but they don’t believe in you

This last one, distrust, is at least 25% of your lost consultations.  The good news is you can do much to improve that percentage.

You really are in the trust business and through effective communications before, during and after the patient experience, you can greatly increase trust. Here are strategies to help:

  • Mail your patient information packet ahead of time. Fill it up with your PR pieces, pro-bono work, Meet the Doctor, procedure FAQ’s, patient photos/testimonials and a handwritten note from you
  • Have your prospective patient watch your personal, introductory video from you welcoming them to your practice
  • Allow time for them to peruse your patient photo/testimonial books, patient education videos and get a tour of your office
  • Do skin analysis and computer imaging so the patient can “see” her concerns very clearly
  • Listen to the patient’s wants, needs, fears and expectations.  Have a conversation rather than a presentation
  • Follow up with a personal handwritten note or telephone call telling the patient you look forward to getting to know them better

The more professionalism, patient interaction and interest you show for the patient, the more likely they are to choose you over all the others.


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