Can Aesthetic Patients Still Afford Services in This Economy?

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During these shaky economic times, you want to be much more strategic about your promotional efforts when attracting cosmetic patients to your practice. Targeting those patients who are least affected by the craziness going on in the world or, at least, last affected by it.
Which Aesthetic Patients are Recession-Proof?

While most folks will be affected somehow, some way by the stock market collapse, the credit crunch and the housing debacle, not all will feel it the same. It will hit home hard for those who live paycheck to paycheck from companies who may go under and lay them off. It will hurt those in professions such as mortgage brokers, realtors and corporate middle managers.

However, those least likely affected are those who are typically more mature and more prepared for dips in income since they have been through it before and know the drill. They have saved for this and are less prone to devastation. They have reached affluence and will not be devastated by what’s happening. Some won’t even feel it because they know how to make money and hang onto it.

So, my advice to you is to cater to your more mature patients for now rather than more time, money and effort into the younger patient who has not yet established themselves.

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