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The American consumer is alive and well.  As much as you believe your patients have taken a good hard look at their conditions and debt and have stopped spending and are extinct when it comes to investing in aesthetic enhancement, you should know the true facts.

Fact:  Consumers recently spent $40 million on the latest scary flick Shutter Island.  Did they really need to pay cash to get scared out of their wits?  They also donated tens of millions to the Haiti recovery effort as well as $2,000 scalped tickets to watch curling at the Olympics (I don’t even know what curling is).

The point is there’s still plenty of money out there changing hands.  The trick is to be where the money is flowing to – not where it’s leaving. And to be strategic about who you are attracting to your practice.

The practice that grows is the practice that retains patients with above par, premium prices. Do you do 10 things every month just to retain your present aesthetic patients? I’ll bet you spend all or most of your energy to lure new patients and nothing to motivate, inspire, encourage, bond with, obligate and keep the ones you already have.

Well guess what?  While you are spending time, money and energy luring away patients from other practices, your current patients are being lured away by your competitors!  That’s crazy!

Here’s the success tip:  the aesthetic physician prospering in these un-prosperous times are devoting more time, thought, energy and money into patient retention than to new patient acquisition and have spent much less doing it while increasing revenues at the same time while their short-sighted competitors are cutting back on expenses incurred in current patient relationships.

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