What Can An Aesthetic Physician Do to Weather The Economic Storm?

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There is much you can do to survive and even flourish no matter what is happening in the economy.

I guarantee the answer is NOT to wait and do nothing. Those who proactively act will fare the best. And, since your competitors are sitting on the sidelines from fear, now is the perfect time for you to increase your promotional efforts. You can attract new patients (some of them from your competitors who are ignoring them) and you can reconnect with your own patients to ensure they stay loyal to you.

This is not the time to start a huge, expensive external campaign to attract total strangers to your practice. That will take too long, too much money and may not pan out.  However, it is time to go through your patient files and set up a strategy to get them to return, spend more with you when they do and refer more of their friends.

Segment your lists by age and send them solution-specific messages to address probable concerns they may have.  For example, send tummy tuck information to moms in their 30-40’s, facelift information to professional females in their 50-60’s, etc.  This targeted messaging should give you a much better return on your investment than sending one-message-fits-all.

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