The Anatomy of a Successful Staff Meeting

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Most staff don’t like staff meetings because they can be boring and don’t accomplish much of anything. You can change a dull meeting into an interesting meeting staff is eager to attend.

Here’s how to perk up your staff meetings:

  • Meet on the same day and time every week or every month so nobody can say they didn’t know.  If you keep switching the day and time, you’re sending a message this meeting isn’t important enough to put in stone.  And, frankly, staff will only take it as seriously as you do – so put in on the calendar and stick to it.
  • The physician must be present at the meeting. That means not on the cell phone or otherwise distracted. Again, the staff looks to the physician for guidance so show you care by paying attention.
  • Use the Sandwich Agenda:
    • What went right
    • What didn’t go right and suggestions for how to fix it
    • Goals for the week or month

This way, you started out positive, you covered a little negative in the middle and then you ended on a positive note.

  • Have each staff person rotate and run the meeting so no one person has to do all the heavy lifting. It will keep everyone alert and they’ll learn a lot more when they actually have to present.  They will also be more polite to others because they now know how it feels to be in the front of the room rather than in the back.


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