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ATTENTION Aesthetic Physicians Who Need to Attract Aesthetic Patients…

“Don’t let the ad sales people make more profit from your practice than you are when you want to attract aesthetic patients. . .

After talking to literally hundreds of cosmetic surgeons like yourself, I learned this . . .

Nearly all of them WISH they NEVER had to do ANY marketing, and that word of mouth referrals would pack their waiting room.

But the truth is, only a lucky handful find themselves in this enviable position.

Let’s face it, you’re trained to be a doctor, not a marketing expert. And if you feel out of your element trying to advertise, you’re not alone. But the reality is, you run a business. And to do well, businesses like yours need to advertise, even if you don’t want to.

And unfortunately, there are many willing to exploit this situation and convince you to spend thousands of dollars a month to “get your name out there” and build your “name recognition.”

Honestly, most of it’s unproven trash that will only cause you frustration and make you feel like you’re throwing your money down the drain on expensive advertising that is NOT impacting your bottom line like you need it to.

Advertising sales reps love to tell you to be patient. That it takes expensive repetition before your phone will ring. So, you keep paying thousands of dollars, month after month and seeing limited or even no results.

The sales people promise you a fantastic response and great exposure to thousands of potential new cosmetic patients. You don’t have to do anything except wait for the phone to ring — but does it? And even if it does ring, you have no way of knowing how they heard about you.

It Doesn’t Matter How Great You Are If You Don’t Attract Aesthetic Patients…

Here is an important tip to help you and I need to be blunt here… Patients don’t care about you. They only care about themselves.

The good news for you is that 76 million Baby Boomers want to look as good as they feel, AND they have the disposable income to make that happen! There is NO shortage of patients IF you know how to promote your aesthetic services to them.

The bad news is that many physicians and business people are capitalizing on this demand for aesthetic services so the competition is heating up. In order to not just survive, but prosper, you must rise above your competition and stand out as the best choice.

So, What’s the Secret to Attract Aesthetic Cash Paying Patients to Your Practice…

It’s NOT expensive image-building advertising. That doesn’t work now or tomorrow or ever. And it’s not because you’re not on TV or don’t cater to celebrities. The answer is plain and simple: It’s personalized marketing!

The secret to attracting patients to your practice and keeping them is implementing proven effective direct marketing strategies. It’s about spending your advertising and marketing dollars ONLY on successful strategies that actually give you results and profits that you can track.

Here’s another fact that may surprise you…

You lose 10% of your patient database every month they go without hearing from you. And you probably know, past patients are your cash cow patients. They’ll keep coming back. Unless you forget about them!

Like most cosmetic doctors, I assume you can’t afford to lose aesthetic patients you’ve already spent time, money and effort in developing a relationship with, only to lose them to your competitor.

Here’s The Easiest Way to Attract Aesthetic Patients to Your Practice…

Clear and consistent communication with your existing patients is, by far, the fastest, easiest and cheapest way for you to grow a successful and prosperous aesthetic practice!

They already know you, they like you and they trust you. And reaching out to them gives them a reason to return to you again and again.

I guarantee aesthetic patients will return and bring their friends to your practice if you build a relationship with them. That turns your patients into walking/talking testimonials and your very own cheerleading squad!

I have developed a complete marketing strategy system ONLY for this aesthetic industry. It’s based on my years of extensive experience helping doctors like you effectively market their practice. And, I guarantee you will see results.

50 Ways to Attract Aesthetic PatientsIt’s called 50 Ways to Attract More Aesthetic Patients to Your Practice so you get 50 proven ideas spelled out, along with visual samples. You’ll also get CDs with the original files so you can “plug and play” by filling in your own contact information.

Just look at the results practices, similar to yours, have gotten from my marketing strategies:

Marketing Strategy #16…Open House Patient Appreciation Event

 An eye-catching invitation was mailed to the practice’s current patients. They were urged to invite their friends and take advantage of special pricing that evening (patients even paid that evening and called back to schedule their appointments!). Wine and hors d’oeuvres were served, gift baskets were given away and the physician gave mini presentations.

RESULTS: 145 Attended and Sold $22,500 in Three Hours!

Patient Appreciation Events Build Patient Loyalty and Attract Aesthetic Patients

Patient Appreciation Events Build Patient Loyalty

Other Benefits:

  • 4 Gained 26 new prospective patients.
  • 4 Reawakened long lost patients.
  • 4 Cross-promoted other services.
  • 4 Priceless goodwill.
  • 4 Priceless face-to-face bonding time with the physician and patients.


Attract Aesthetic Patients with We Miss You Letter

Attract Aesthetic Patients with We Miss You Letter

Marketing Strategy #30 . . . Patient “We Miss You” Letter

A professional-looking, heartfelt letter was mailed to the patients who had not been in in over one year. It contained compelling copy and a Special offer was also presented for a limited time.

Results: 1,0000 Letters Mailed:

4 Surgical Consultations
2 Surgeries Resulted
16 Injectables
2 Laser Procedures
Total = $56, 232


Birthday Cards Attract Aesthetic Patients

Birthday Cards Attract Aesthetic Patients

Marketing Strategy #42 . . . Birthday Cards
Each month birthday cards were sent to the upcoming birthday patients. They were invited to celebrate with a special offer for a limited time.


Average of 125 cards per month

Sold $125,000 – $155,000 per year

I am handing you the tools you need . . .

The Guide Book explaining each patient-attraction strategy in detail along with visual samples. Plus, CDs that include camera-ready files so you just fill in your contact information and graphics.

Marketing doesn’t get any easier than this! Plus, you don’t have to do anything, your staff can easily implement these proven money making strategies.

Here are just some of the strategies that can make you more money:

Meet the Doctor

PR Slick

Practice Brochure

Practice Menu of Services

No Show Policy

Power Point Presentation

Phone Tracking Form

In-House Signage

Cosmetic Questionnaire

Post-Op Patient Survey

Gift Certificates

Happy Mother’s Day Postcard

Summer is Coming Postcard

New Year-New You Mailing

In-House Seminar Invitation

Refer-a-Friend Special

2-for-1 Friend Program Card

Frequent User Program

VIP Card

Cross Promote Services Postcard

Open House by Mail Invitation and so much more….

Get Your Own 50 Ways to Attract More Cosmetic Patients NOW! 

Implementing Just ONE of These Marketing Strategies Could Be Worth Thousands of Extra Dollars to You!

My proven strategies not only give you creative ideas, they also give you the entire file so you can do it yourself easily! These are proven to work because I picked 50 of my most effective marketing strategies I have personally executed and got excellent results from.

This information is powerful! I have spent the past decade experimenting, strategizing and perfecting them to ensure their success. You won’t have to lose money, time or effort “trying a new ad” or “experimenting with a new idea” because these actually work in the real world! I’ve seen it with my own eyes and so have my physician clients.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!logo-r1

No more risk! You can use these tested strategies to get your phone to ring and keep your practice busy. I’m so confident these tried-and-true strategies will work that I guarantee you will see results. Implement just two of the 50 strategies and if you don’t see results, return 50 Ways for a full refund – no questions asked.

The beauty of this marketing system is that it’s FREE if you would just reallocate your advertising budget from regular, ineffective advertising to effective strategies that work!

Get Your Own 50 Ways to Attract More Cosmetic Patients NOW! 

You may currently be spending anywhere from $6,000-$50,000 per year but my proven system, 50 Ways to Attract More Aesthetic Patients to Your Practice, is only $997.

I hope you can see that what I’m proposing will work for YOU!

I don’t want to sell you advertising. I want to hand you to tools to remove the advertising and marketing frustration from your practice. I understand you went to school to become a doctor, not a marketing expert.

Just think of me as your own personal marketing coach! We can discuss ways to attract aesthetic patients to you easily and effortlessly. You’ll make more money! Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%!

I am committed to helping you succeed in aesthetic medicine. If you’ll simply implement only 2 of the 50 strategies within one year, and if you don’t see a substantial increase in your revenues, call me personally to request all your money back. No questions asked.

CLICK HERE or Call now (877) 339-8833.


Catherine Maley

Catherine Maley, MBA

P.S. Reply now risk free for my proven system, 50 Ways to Attract More Aesthetic Patients to Your Practice! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. You CAN be successful no matter how competitive your area is. But doing nothing will not help you at all. CLICK HERE or call now (877) 339-8833.


Catherine Maley, MBA
Aesthetic Industry Marketing Expert

Catherine Maley is a noted speaker, author and consultant in the Aesthetic Industry. As an aging female Baby-Boomer herself, she knows personally what it’s like to want to look as good as you feel and the emotions that go with that. She can help you navigate through the minds of your aesthetic patients so you attract more perfect patients and close more procedures.

For two years, she meticulously interviewed aesthetic patients to learn what they liked and didn’t like about their doctors, the staff, the processes and their overall experience.

Insights into their buying patterns and their decision-making processes are compiled in her acclaimed book, Your Aesthetic Practice: A Complete Guide: What Your Aesthetic Patients Are Saying.