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Hundreds of doctors like yourself have used my proven marketing strategies to boost their profits and remove the frustration of expensive marketing and advertising that doesn’t work!”

Dear Doctor,

After talking to literally hundreds of cosmetic surgeons like yourself, I learned this . . .

Nearly all of them WISH they NEVER had to do ANY marketing, and that word of mouth referrals would pack their waiting room.

But the truth is, only a lucky handful find themselves in this enviable position.

Let’s face it, you’re trained to be a doctor, not a marketing expert. And if you feel out of your element trying to advertise, you’re not alone. But the reality is, you run a business. And to do well, businesses like yours need to advertise, even if you don’t want to.

And unfortunately, there are many willing to exploit this situation and convince you to spend thousands of dollars a month to “get your name out there” and build your “name recognition.” Honestly, most of it’s unproven trash that will only cause you frustration and to feel like you’re throwing your money down the drain on expensive advertising that is NOT impacting your bottom line like you need it to.

Ad sales reps love to tell you to be patient. That it takes expensive repetition before your phone will ring. So, you keep paying thousands of dollars, month after month and seeing limited or even no results.

The sales people promise you a fantastic response and great exposure to thousands of potential new patients. You don’t have to do anything except wait for the phone to ring — but does it? And even if it does ring, you have no way of knowing how they heard about you.

It Doesn’t Matter How Great You Are If You Don’t Have Enough Patients Visiting You . . .

I need to be blunt here . . . Patients don’t care about you. They only care about themselves.

The good news for you is that 76 million Baby Boomers want to look as good as they feel, AND they have the disposable income to make that happen! There is NO shortage of patients IF you know how to promote your aesthetic services to them.

The bad news is that many physicians and business people are capitalizing on this demand for aesthetic services so the competition is heating up. In order to not just survive, but prosper, you must rise above your competition and stand out as the best choice.

So, What’s the Secret to Attracting CashPaying Patients to Your Practice . . .

It’s NOT expensive image-building advertising. That doesn’t work now or tomorrow or ever. And it’s not because you’re not on TV or don’t cater to celebrities. The answer is plain and simple: It’s personalized marketing!

The secret to attracting patients to your practice and keeping them is implementing proveneffective direct marketing strategies. It’s about spending your advertising and marketing dollars ONLY on successful strategies that actually give you results and profits that you can track.Here’s another fact that may surprise you . . .

You lose 10% of your patient database every month they go without hearing from you. And you probably know, past patients are your cash cow patients. They’ll keep coming back. Unless you forget about them! Like most doctors, I assume you can’t afford to lose patients you’ve already spent time, money and effort in developing a relationship with, only to lose them to your competitor.

Here’s The Easiest Way to Attract Aesthetic Patients to Your Practice . . .

Clear and consistent communication with your existing patients is, by far, the fastest, easiest and cheapest way for you to grow a successful and prosperous aesthetic practice! They already know you, they like you and they trust you. And reaching out to them gives them a reason to return to you again and again.

I guarantee aesthetic patients will return and bring their friends to your practice if you build a relationship with them. That turns your patients into walking/talking testimonials and your very own cheerleading squad!

I have developed a complete marketing strategy system ONLY for this aesthetic industry. It’s based on my years of extensive experience helping doctors like you effectively market their practice. And, I guarantee you will see results.

50 Ways to Attract More Aesthetic Patients to Your Practice

It’s called 50 Ways to Attract More Aesthetic Patients to Your Practice. You’ll get 50 proven ideas spelled out, along with visual samples. You’ll also get CDs with the original files so you can “plug and play” by filling in your own contact information.Just look at the results practices, similar to yours, have gotten from my marketing strategies:

Marketing Strategy #16 . . . Open House Patient Appreciation Event

An eye-catching invitation was mailed to the practice’s current patients. They were urged to invite their friends and take advantage of special pricing that evening (patients even paid thatevening and called back to schedule their appointments!). Wine and hors d’oeuvres were served, gift baskets were given away and mini presentations were given by the physician.

RESULTS: 145 Attended and Sold $22,500 in Three Hours!

Other Benefits:

  • 4 Gained 26 new prospective patients
  • 4 Reawakened long lost patients
  • 4 Cross-promoted other services
  • 4 Priceless goodwill
  • 4 Priceless face-to-face bonding time with the physician and patients

Marketing Strategy #28 . . . Patient Newsletter

A professional-looking, informative patient newsletter was mailed to the current patient database. It contained articles and photos explaining what was new in the office as well as in the world of cosmetic enhancement. Special offers were also presented for a limited time.

RESULTS: 3,000 Newsletters were mailed and yielded:

  • 8 Botox patients = $3,200
  • 4 Restylane patients = $1,600
  • 5 Surgical Consultations
  • 1 Bleph = $5,400
  • Skin Care Products = $840
  • Sales from Referrals = $4,600

Marketing Strategy #42 . . . Birthday Cards

Each month birthday cards were sent to the upcoming birthday patients. They were invited to celebrate with a special offer for a limited time.

RESULTS: Average of 125 cards per month Sold $125,000 – $155,000 per year

You Can Enjoy More Revenue By Having Your Staff Execute These Marketing Strategies!

Remember, I am handing you the tools you need . . . the Guide Book explaining each strategy in detail along with visual samples. Plus, CDs that include camera-ready files so you just fill in your contact information and graphics. Marketing doesn’t get any easier than this! Plus, you don’t have to do anything, your staff can easily implement these proven money making strategies.

Here are just some of the strategies that can make you more money:

  • How to dramatically increase your revenues faster and easier using the patients you already have.
  • The secret to motivating your existing patients to send you their friends, family and colleagues.
  • How to build your own credibility so prospective patients won’t shop around to your competitors.
  • How to “wake up” patients you haven’t seen in years.
  • How to get the most revenues from each patient who visits your practice.
  • How to design a killer ad that makes your phone ring.
  • How to build an email database that you can continually “mine” for profits.
  • How to cut your advertising dollars dramatically using the internet.
  • And so much more!

These 50 Promotional Strategies are easy-to-implement techniques guaranteed to get your phone to ring!

Image Marketing: 

1. Meet the Doctor

2. PR Slick

3. Practice Brochure

4. Practice Menu of Services

5. Thank You Notes

6. No Show Policy

7. Power Point Template

8. Signage

In-House Marketing: 

9. Power Point Presentation

10. Video of You

11. Phone Tracking Form

12. In-House Signage

13. Cosmetic Questionnaire

14.Post-Op Patient Survey

15.Gift Certificates

Internal marketing:

16. Introductory Letter

17. Practice Newsletter

18. Happy Mother’s Day Postcard

19. Summer is Coming Postcard

20. New Year-New You Mailing

21. In-House Seminar Invitation

22. Building an Email Database

23. Email Marketing

24. Word of Mouth Referral Card

25. Refer-a-Friend Special

26. 2-for-1 Friend Program Card

27. Frequent User Program

28. VIP Card

29. We-Miss-You Letter with Beauty Bucks

30. On-the-Fence Letter

31. Birthday Cards

32. Introduce New Procedure Letter

33. Cross Promote Services Postcard

34. Girl’s Night Out Invitation

35. Open House by Mail Invitation

36. Open House by Email Invite

External Marketing:

Business Card for Networking        Dinner Seminar

Offer to Speak                               No-How Letter

Direct Mail Postcard                      Advertising and much more….

Implementing Just ONE of These Marketing Strategies Could Be Worth Thousands of Extra Dollars to You!

My proven strategies not only give you creative ideas, they also give you the entire file so you can do it yourself easily! These are proven to work because I picked 50 of my most effective marketing strategies I have personally executed and got excellent results from.

This information is powerful! I have spent the past decade experimenting, strategizing and perfecting them to ensure their success. You won’t have to lose money, time or effort “trying a new ad” or “experimenting with a new idea” because these actually work in the real world! I’ve seen it with my own eyes and so have my physician clients.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

No more risk! You can use these tested strategies to get your phone to ring and keep your practice busy. I’m so confident these tried-and-true strategies will work that I guarantee you will see results. Implement just two of the 50 strategies and if you don’t see results, return 50 Ways for a full refund – no questions asked.

The beauty of this marketing system is that it’s FREE if you would just reallocate your advertising budget from regular, ineffective advertising to effective strategies that work! You know ad agencies charge $2,000 – $10,000 per ad and that Yellow Pages charges anywhere from $6,000-$50,000 per year

My proven system, 50 Ways to Attract More Aesthetic Patients to Your Practice, is only $995.

See What Distinguished Physicians Have Said About My Marketing Services . . .

“Ms. Maley has written this superb guide so both you and your staff can let patients know what you can offer them in a compassionate environment.” – Steven J. Pearlman, MD, FACS – NY Past President, American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS)

“Catherine really understands the aesthetic patient and what they want and need. I highly recommend this book to any physician wanting to grow their aesthetic practice” – Joel Schlessinger MD, FAAD, FAACS – NE President, American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery (ASCDAS)

“Thank you so much for your input and guidance over the last three years. Your insight and direction has been right on! It’s nice to work with such a professional.” – Steven H. Dayan, MD, Board Certified Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Clinical Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology University of Illinois

“Catherine is a pleasure to work with and her enthusiasm is contagious. Catherine is excellent at coordinating projects to ensure we get the best results from any of our marketing efforts. She has helped us gain exposure in Marin and I know she can do the same for you.” – Robert G. Aycock, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Founder, Greenbrae Surgery Center

“Catherine was an intricate part of growing our LASIK and cosmetic practice and she would certainly be an asset to any physician wanting to grow their practice and make the most of their marketing budget.” – Brian Bonanni, MD, Board Certified Ophthalmologist, Founder and Director – Gothum Lasik, New York, NY

I hope you can see that what I’m proposing will work for YOU!

What Other Top Docs Say About Catherine . . .

“Surgeons early in their career and seasoned ones alike will find insights and useful observations as they read.” – Donn Chathum, MD, FACS – KY and IN Past Member, Board of Directors, American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS).

“Catherine provides an excellent framework to create and grow an aesthetic practice. She thoughtfully details each step of the process from intake, to consultation through post-operative care. Her paradigm shifts the mindset from medical practice to top-tier service provider. This guide book is required reading for all members of our team.” – David Kaufman, MD, FACS – CA, Kaufman and Clark Plastic Surgery

“This outstanding book is an excellent overview and resource regarding marketing an aesthetic medical practice. It begins where marketing should begin, with the patients themselves. Excellent survey results reveal what the patients want and don’t want. There are many practical tips on patient relations, rapport building, the consultation process and decision making. Emphasis is placed where it should be; on internal marketing strategies. External marketing is put in excellent perspective and the author makes it clear it should not even be attempted until the infrastructure is in place and the internal marketing strategies have been fully implemented. This outstanding piece by Catherine Maley, MBA should be a welcomed addition to any aesthetic physician’s library and will provide an excellent outline for not only physicians in early practice but for mature practices as well. It has certainly been helpful to me to have the pleasure of reviewing this book.” – Ferdinand F. Becker, MD, FACS – FL “The Best Doctors in America”, “America’s Top Doctors”, “Guide to America’s Top Physician” and “America’s Cosmetic Doctors and Dentists”

“Catherine is a true professional. She has used her extensive knowledge of the cosmetic surgery marketplace to help our practice grow. She has always been responsive and thoughtful in offering concepts tailored for our practice’s goals.” – David Kim, MD, Assistant Professor, Director, Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery University of California, San Francisco

I don’t want to sell you advertising. I want to hand you to tools to remove the advertising and marketing frustration from your practice. I understand you went to school to become a doctor, not a marketing expert.

Just think of me as your own personal marketing coach! We can discuss ways to attract aesthetic patients to you easily and effortlessly. You’ll make more money! Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%!

I am committed to helping you succeed in aesthetic medicine. If you’ll simply implement only 2 of the 50 strategies within one year, and if you don’t see a substantial increase in your revenues, call me personally to request all your money back. No questions asked.

Call now 877-339-8833.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Catherine Maley

Catherine Maley, MBA

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