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This week’s Topic: Attracting New Patients This Holiday Season

This Week’s Question:

Dear Catherine,

cosmetic patient marketingI watched your presentation called, “79 Days Left to Reach Your 2015 Revenue Goals” about doing a Holiday Mailing to my current patient list and that sounds like a good idea but I’m not sure it’s worth it.

I see how this works for current patients; however, they are already going to come in so do you have something to attract new patients?

Dr. A

Catherine’s Answer:

Dear Dr. A,

Thanks for your feedback on my presentation. I appreciate your feedback.

Here’s what I know about today’s cosmetic patients….

You cannot assume ANYTHING.

Prospective patients are distracted with technology, bombarded with advertising messages and clicking like crazy that its become next to impossible to get their attention.

Even your current patients are being woo’d away from you and you don’t even know it.

They may love you and have every intention of staying loyal to you BUT….

…their girlfriend convinces them your competitor is better so they switch;   or,

… your competitor holds a fantastic patient event so they attend with friends, meet your competitor, and then decide to switch; or,

… they saw fantastic online patient reviews for your competitor, checked out their website, made a call to ask a question and had such a great exchange with their receptionist, they decided to give them a try.

The point is you never know who or what is after your patients. You no longer have the luxury of believing your patients are yours forever.

You have to do something to keep and then build on that loyalty. That’s why we use this annual strategy to help.

By the way, you get new patients from this Holiday Mailing since we build it into the compelling copy.

And, I’m guessing you want more procedures and revenues like these surgeons got:

cosmetic patient marketingcosmetic patient marketing


The Holidays are the perfect emotional time of year to reach out to cosmetic patients. Think about the psychology of the cosmetic patient:

  • They’ll be seen in Holiday photos and videos,
  • They’ll see family members that can ignite sibling rivalry,
  • They’ll see friends to compare themselves to,
  • They’ll be at office parties where they want to shine in front of management and the list goes on and on.

So, here is my 7-Step Holiday Direct Mail Blueprint you can use to send out your own revenue-generating Holiday Greeting Card… Or, we can do it for you if you don’t want to hassle with it.

#1: Segment your Database

When it comes to Direct Mail, your list is everything!

You’ll get a much better response if you target the most likely patients to respond to this particular mailing.

For example, depending on a particular promotion, females vs. males are more likely to open and respond to heartfelt mail so test that first before you spend extra printing and mailing costs catering to the men in your database.

Step #2: Compelling Design

Your piece must be professionally designed. 
It’s got to include eye-catching graphics that are visually interesting.

By the way, you’ll want to buy high-resolution graphics so they are not blurry when printed and so you are not sued because you used a graphic you didn’t have permission to use.

Step #3: Get it Opened!

It cannot look like junk mail or it will get tossed before it gets opened…
That means no mailing labels or addressing it “To Resident”.

Step #4: Compelling Theme and Copy WIIFM & Benefits

The trick is to reach out at a strategic time of year that makes the most emotional impact on your cosmetic patients so they respond to you.

You are trying to “Enter the conversation they are already having in their own head” and that’s what leads them back to you.

So, your copy must answer the question, “Hey, What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)?” So, you’ll want to address their specific concerns and then spell out the benefits they get when they respond.

Step #5: Call To Action

You also need a really great reason for them to respond now that includes a tight expiration date so your patients have a sense of urgency so they don’t procrastinate.

This is crucial. So many of your patients have every intention of returning to you…someday. But Life gets in the way and they never get around to it.

Make it easy for them to return….NOW.

Step #6: Prepare Staff

Alert your staff so they are prepared for the calls.

They have to know the details about the piece and the offer so they can book the consultations easily.

By the way, the beauty of this type of marketing is that these are quality callers who are calling to book appointments to either have something done or spend quality time consulting with you about having surgery.

The people who respond to this promotion are NOT stranger Internet patients calling to ask you 10 questions, wasting your time and then NOT showing up.

Step #7: Track Calls & Results

Its imperative your results are tracked closely so you know what your ROI (Return On Investment) is. Because you should NEVER invest in any marketing efforts you can’t track. For example:

cosmetic patient marketingWant Help Creating Your Own Holiday Patient Strategy?

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What do you normally do to promote your practice during the Holidays?
Have you ever tried direct mail like this? If so, did it work?

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