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A Message to All Physicians who want to FLOURISH

in Aesthetic Medicine…Learn the Secrets to Attracting

Profitable Aesthetic Patients to Your Practice

Dear Doctor:

Are you frustrated with the money you’ve been making in your aesthetic practice lately?

No other time in history have there been so many forces fighting against the success of hard-working aesthetic physicians…the slower economy…higher energy prices….. more competition then ever…. staff turnover…. out-of-control overhead expenses…it’s so frustrating!

What’s more, you most likely are losing patients and don’t even know why. And, if you don’t do something soon, you’ll lose even more money and more cash-paying patients. Are you wondering…

Where’s your fair share of the 76 million Baby Boomers who have the disposable income to look as good as they feel?

Why aren’t you busier with profitable cosmetic cases? Why are there holes in your schedule that weren’t there before? Is it the economy or the competition or is it something else?

Are you also noticing lower conversion rates? Your staff is not able to book appointments and procedures like before? You have a lot more “Look-e-Loo Price Shoppers” and “I’ll think about it” prospective patients coming through your door…even though you give great consultations? …. What is going on???

So what’s the Secret to Beating Your Competition in This Aggressive Marketplace?

It’s easy once you realize the most important knowledge you need is not about how to practice medicine and perfect your clinical skills — it’s about marketing!

Marketing is not a dirty word! It’s simply promoting you and your services to your preferred patients so they are attracted to you and then they stay loyal to you and, of course, refer their friends.

I promise you. if you don’t treat marketing yourself as important as keeping your CME hours up-to-date, your road to riches will get bumpier.

Once you learn how to promote yourself the right way, you are on your way to making more money in aesthetic medicine than you ever have before.

And, the “beauty” of following my results-driven advice is that you can explode your bottom line without risking big dollars – without hiring extra staff – and without wasting any more money on useless advertising that you don’t see a return on.

If you allow me to coach you on the right way to promote your aesthetic services, your telephone will ring more, your aesthetic patients will buy more and they will refer more of their friends to you.

Super achievers continually feed their brains and ask “How can I be better?” Together, we will make sure you have the tools to help you build the most successful aesthetic practice possible.

You Need Three Things to Succeed:

#1: The Right Mindset.

You have to believe in yourself, your staff and your future. You have to be confidant you will succeed with the proper guidance. And, you have to be open-minded to new opportunities and proven, practice-promotion ideas that will skyrocket your practice.

#2: The Right Mechanisms.

Learn from the experts in your industry. They know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t reinvent the wheel and think you know better than the industry experts who spend tens of thousands of dollars and hours learning the most effective practice-building strategies. Use what they know and let them guide you to the proper way to create and implement strategies to get your phone ringing with your dream patients.

#3: The Right Mentor.

Don’t go it alone. It’s too stressful, expensive and frustrating. Every top-winning athlete has a coach. Every award-winning singer has a coach and you too should have your own personal trusted advisor who will motivate, inspire and guide you to effectively promote you and your skills.

You need to work with someone who can steer you through the marketing maze of hype to get you to the proven, results-oriented strategies that actually get your phone ringing, your exam rooms full and your referrals at 70% or more.

How Do You Win in Aesthetic Medicine?

  1. You Beat Your Competitors by Being Smarter Than They Are.
  2. You Get Smarter By Working with the Best.
  3. The best aesthetic mentor and coach for you to increase your aesthetic profits SHOULD:
  • Have written a book about the Inside Mind of the aesthetic patient (after having interviewed them) so he/she can help you understand the motives and true desires of the aesthetic patient and why they choose you over your competitors;
  • Have their aesthetic book endorsed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the Multi-Specialty Foundation Meeting where all 500 attendees received a copy;
  • Be a Baby boomer themselves and know the feelings, wants and desires of this fickle consumer so they know how to attract that preferred patient to you;
  • Be well-respected throughout the medical community and invited to speak at the medical meetings such as AAFPRS, APSA, ASDS, AAOCS, CAAM, PTIFA and IAPAM;
  • Be a contributing writer for the medical trade publications such as Plastic Surgery Products, Healthy Aging, Cosmetic Surgery Times, MedEsthetics;
  • Be called on to work with vendors in the aesthetic industry to help their physicians grow their aesthetic practices;
  • Have 25 years of sales and marketing experience so you don’t waste money guessing what works;
  • Have a decade of experience in the aesthetic industry and know the vendors, technologies and trends so they keep you up-to-date;
  • Have coached and worked with hundred of physicians in the US and Canada who respect, admire and listen to them;
  • Be a business graduate with an MBA so they understand the financial aspects of running a successful practice;
  • Be self-employed so they understand the challenges, frustrations and growing pains of growing a successful business;
  • Have a creative team that handles each marketing project from beginning to end so you don’t have to do a thing if you don’t want to; and,
  • Offer you unconditional guarantees and promises to do everything possible to ensure you get great results.

And now here’s how you can get the same

amazing results as all these doctors…

What is so different about my money-making ideas… that causes so many doctors, to say so many nice things about me?

Well… I’m glad you asked!

Why do top doctors, from all over the US and Canada, consider me their “go-to” person? Because what they learn from me is so RADICALLY, TOTALLY different! Yes, what they get from me are FRESH new ideas, the kind of breakthrough ideas that get patients moving through your office.

That’s my specialty. That’s exactly what I’ll be revealing to you, every month, for a bargain basement price!

You Will Discover What the Most Successful

Aesthetic Physicians Already Know When It

Comes to Effectively Promoting Your Practice

Let your competitors waste their money while you strategically grow your aesthetic practice creatively and professionally because I’ll coach you all the way.

Learn from the best so you can be the best!

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