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This Week’s Question: Avoid Revenue “Melt Down” this Summer

Dear Catherine,

My practice typically slows down this time of year and I’d like to avoid it this summer so your input is much appreciated.

My patients would rather wait until the Fall to have surgery and laser
work because they prefer to be outside so we have holes in the schedule.

Not only that, my staff still gets paid if we’re busy or not so it feels like
a double whammy on my bottom line when we slow down.

So much so that last year, I had everyone take a week off during my
own vacation and I closed the practice so I didn’t have to worry about it.

There has to be a better way. Any ideas for how to get through the slower summer months?


Dr. N

Catherine’s Answer:

Hello Dr. N,

I’m so glad you asked because I believe you have more profitable options available
that work better than closing down your practice.

I admit Summer “can” melt your practice profits…..

….Revenues can slow down.
….Phones can stop ringing.
….Aesthetic patients can stop visiting.
….Staff can stand around doing nothing and still get paid.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. It “can” be different this year.

You simply need to be more creative and try harder to get these
patients off the beach and into your office.

Because I assure you, not EVERYBODY took the summer off.
For most, life goes on pretty much the same.

As a matter of fact, summer could be the only time they have
time for downtime. For example:Avoid Revenue “Melt Down” this Summer

– School teachers, students and flight attendants are perfect candidates for summer cosmetic rejuvenation;

– Moms have family around in the summer to watch the kids while they take time out for themselves;

– Business can slow down in many industries this time of year and that attracts anybody who wants to stay competitive in the marketplace by looking as good as they can and so on.

You just don’t know so the worst thing you can do is throw in the
(beach) towel and give up.

Because when you do the right things now to keep your revenues
flowing and your schedule filled, you can heat things up.

Here are simple strategies to compel your cosmetic patients to visit you
NOW rather than wait until later in the year:

Summer Surgical Special Promotion

Patients love authenticity and honesty so be transparent. Let patients
know since things have a tendency to slow down in the summer, you are
able to extend a very special “Summer Surgery Gift Card” towards a
procedure they’ve been thinking about.

Avoid Revenue “Melt Down” this Summer This promotion can be designed as a letter, an email, a social media banner,
a facebook ad, a mention in your patient newsletter, a Website banner
and/or in-house signage to help spread the word.

In case you’re thinking this sounds desperate – don’t. Patients who know,
like and trust you will see the logic in the great offer and respond. Try it.

Sense of Urgency Promotion

Cosmetic patients need a reason for acting NOW rather than
waiting. And, the most likely patients to say yes are thoseAvoid Revenue “Melt Down” this Summer
who came in for a consultation but didn’t book.

Let them know you’re going on vacation for two weeks so
they are entitled to a special offer towards the procedure
they’ve been thinking about – as long as they book it NOW.
This might be just what they needed to jump off the fence and say YES!

Beach/Barbecue Buddies

Since your patients could be a lot more social during the summer months,
help them brag about you while they are at the beach with their friends
or barbecues with their family.

Because there is a really good chance the topic of cosmetic rejuvenation will
come up. So, you want your patients to have YOU “top of mind” and the easiest
way to do that is with wallet-size cards they keep handy in their purse.Avoid Revenue “Melt Down” this Summer

These special refer-a-friend cards are passed out to their friends and family.
It can be a $50 “Get to Know Us” gift card or a 2/1 special so your patient AND
their friend both benefit. Be creative.

Want more sizzling ideas to heat up your profits?

Join me as I show you how simple strategies will
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This Webinar is no longer available, please check out our online store for tools to  help you with patient attraction, conversion, follow up and retention.


“See” you there –


What do you currently do to stay busy in the Summer?
What “would” you do if you had the time, money and resources?

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