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Ask CatherineAvoid the Summer Slow Down

This Week’s Q&A Topic: Avoid the Summer Slow Down

This Week’s Question:

Dear Catherine,

Every year, my practice slows down considerably in the summer. There are more holes in my schedule and more downtime for my staff (even though I still pay them).

We assume it’s because cosmetic patients want to be outdoors in the summer so they are waiting until the fall to visit us. That makes sense but it’s not helping my bottom line.

What can I do to avoid this summer dip?

Dr. B

Catherine’s Answer:

Dear Dr. B,

Thank you for your timely question since summer is right around the corner.

It’s very common for practices to slow down in the summer for all sorts of reasons. Vacations, barbecues with family and friends and outdoor activities can delay the cosmetic patient from moving forward.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.  There is much you can do to keep your schedule busy and patients flowing through your office but it takes a well-thought out and proven plan.

Here’s the good news….

I assure you, the whole world did not go on vacation! For some patients, it’s a slow time at work so they can afford to be away from the office. For others, they have family around who can care for the kids while they take care of themselves for a change.

Avoid the Summer Slow Down And, think of all the social trends in affect. Patients can find themselves suddenly single or unemployed.  They can be invited to a wedding or in a wedding and can’t get into the dress that fit just fine two months ago at the fitting party. And it goes on and on.

And consider the advancements in technology. There is so much cosmetic rejuvenation you can perform today with little or no downtime.

So to answer your question, here’s a strategy to help you breeze through the dog days of summer.

Skin Care Series Events

Conduct a summer skin series and invite your patients and their friends to your office for fun and educational events. Be sure to work with your vendors who can help with the details.

You present what’s new in surgical procedures and show lots of before/after photos and then allow plenty of  1-on-1 face time with prospective surgical patients so they feel comfortable enough with you to move forward.

Have your staff use the computer imaging and skin analysis machines to point out the cosmetic pain points of patients so they are compelled to repair things. They can also give separate talks on how to keep your skin safe, youthful, and sun damage-free.

You cahttps://www.catherinemaley.com/cosmetic-patient-marketing-plan/n demonstrate minimally-invasive procedures and be sure to have products on display, so they can buy, and appointments ready so they can book their consultations.

But here’s the bigger picture. It’s not so much the summer season that is the problem. It’s the lack of planning that is causing the revenue roller coaster.

To avoid the “Summer Slow Down”, you’ve got to plan ahead so you don’t find yourself in this position to begin with.

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