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This past weekend, I spoke at ICAM in Dallas and had the pleasure of meeting ICAM’s President Gustavo Leibaschoff, MD as well as the inventor of Liposuction in 1974, Dr. Giorgio Fischer (from Italy).

My talk was called “How to Avoid Having an Unhappy Patient”.  Because the unhappy patient can wreak havoc with your reputation on the Internet and in your community, you’ll want to do what you can to avoid them.

Here are some of the pearls I laid out:

+Set realistic expectations using every tool possible; i.e., computer imaging, tons of Before/after photos and 3D educational videos

+Since social proof is everything in today’s “viral” world, prospective patients need to hear from your patients directly. You do that through patient videos with them telling their story about how great you are and how happy they are with their result.

+Show off the Thank You cards, notes and emails you get from happy patients so you prospective patients see how much others love you

+Have your patients read aloud the risks and initial each point during the pre-opt appointment

+Give them a good result – one you’re proud of.

+Be open to feedback and listen to the patient who has a concern(s). Often it’s not as bad as you think and you can diffuse a situation before it blows up to much more.


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