Avoiding Seasonal Highs and Lows

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Doesn’t it seem like it’s getting more difficult, and a lot more expensive, to CONSISTENTLY attract new cosmetic patients to your practice?

That’s because it IS getting more difficult to attract a steady flow of
patients month after month.

Cosmetic revenues can be sporadic at best for most plastic surgeons.

Seasonal changes can keep you super busy for a couple of months
or can be crickets the next month. It’s a mixed bag.

The emotional toll it takes with these highs and lows is even worse.

Just when you think you’ve got this figured out, the unpredictable
and inconsistent revenue roller coaster continues.

It’s so frustrating because you’re doing everything you know to do:

  • You revamped your Website;
  • You are spending many thousands a month on google ad-words;
  • You are investing more thousands in directories who promise to
    spotlight you; and
  • Your staff is spending way too much time on social media trying to
    attract new patients to the practice.

What else can you possibly do to keep your revenues consistent so
you have more certainty that what you’re doing works EVERY month?

How can you stay busy to keep your revenues up with your overhead
AND have enough left over to actually enjoy your life?

Here are 3 ways to avoid the Seasonal Highs and Lows

 Map Out Your Annual Marketing Plan

Stop winging it.
Too often your staff sends out an SOS email with a
promotion to fill up your empty schedule and that
reeks of desperation and can work against you.

There’s noting strategic about that. While you can get a small boost in the short run, it will hurt you in the long run because you are not nurturing and building a relationship with your current patient list.

The secret is to set up a SYSTEM for creating a powerful 12-month marketing plan so that you can predictably acquire new cosmetic patients throughout the ENTIRE year.

This way, you are attracting cosmetic patients and cash surges easily…because you set up a predictable profit-producing machine.

Think “Patient for Life”

The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to increase your revenues is to increase your
average patient’s lifetime value so that EVERY patient is worth more to
you…today, tomorrow, and far into the future.

You do that by staying in touch with the patient so you don’t fall off their radar. And by giving them such great customer service, they rave about you to their friends.

When done right, they (and their friends) call you when they’re ready for rejuvenation
because in their minds, you are the only logical choice.

Use Different Communication Channels

Focusing on just ONE channel doesn’t work because, these days,
cosmetic patients live in a multi-channel world.

Cosmetic patients get information from these preferred channels:

  • Some like email
  • Some like text
  • Some like social media
  • Most like word of mouth and so on.

So you need a multi-prong approach to hit your prospective cosmetic patients on
multiple channels.

So you are suddenly everywhere and you become the obvious choice in a crowded

That means you need to be where they are and that takes planning and technology.

For example, you have a segment of your patient list who only communicates through
texting so you need to figure out how to incorporate that into your marketing plan.

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