Trends to focus on in 2023

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5 Cosmetic Practice Marketing Trends to Focus on in 2023

Whether you’ve been in practice 25 years or only 5, it’s crucial to incorporate the latest 5 Cosmetic
Practice Marketing Trends to Focus on in 2023. These marketing trends work well in your overall plan
so you stay competitive and relevant in today’s crazy, changing world.

Because it’s impossible to be at the forefront of every new shiny object that comes along. 

That wastes your time and money, demotivates your staff, and confuses your patients. 

Top 5 Cosmetic Practice Marketing Trends

Today’s cosmetic practice marketing trend is to focus on what works by using your data to get clear about what actually brings you new patients who pay for your services – not what brings you popularity.

Here are 5 trends to focus on for the new year:

1. Build and Control Your Own Patient List 

Due to the infighting of Google, Apple, and Facebook to “own” your data, privacy laws will continue to make it difficult for you to target specific demographics to your practice.

That’s why lead generation costs more and the leads are of lesser quality. 

There’s also a fear of you losing your social media account and Google SEO ranking if you do anything they don’t like. 

I recommend you take matters into your hands and collect as much of your data from your own marketing efforts. 

For example, you currently have website visitors fill out your opt-in form on your website to schedule a consultation.

But not everyone is ready to schedule a consultation so offer them an informational guide to collect their name, cell, and email. 

Now you can educate and nurture these prospective patients so they choose you when they’re ready.

cosmetic practice marketing trends

2. Fine-Tune Your Patient Attraction Plan 

The fundamentals of any business/practice are always the same:

  • How/where do we get leads? (Attract)
  • How quickly do we respond to them? (Engage)
  • How good are we at converting them? (Convert)

It will continue to get harder and more expensive to attract and convert leads. 

It’s no longer enough to throw money at lead generation and hope they convert. 

Little hinges swings big doors: the more you fix the fundamentals (attract, engage, convert), the more compounding results happen throughout the rest of the lead gen process.

For example, if you just fix your phones and increase the conversion rate by 30%, look what happens overall:

cosmetic practice marketing

That small hinge improvement is worth $900,000 per year and well worth focusing on this new year!

3. Cosmetic Practice Marketing Trend Short Videos are Hot!

It’s a fact. Short-form videos get watched! That’s why Tik-Tok has taken over the world and all the other social media platforms are following suit. 

Good or bad, patients’ attention spans are shrinking. Everyone is on information overload so how do you grab someone’s attention in today’s insanely fast-moving media world?

cosmetic practice marketing

You make 30 second to 2-minute videos talking about what you know best…cosmetic rejuvenation!

And, no, you don’t need a paid actor. Just be yourself and talk as if you are talking to one patient during a typical consultation.

Talk about the results a patient can expect, as well as the common objections that come up. 

Now spread those videos all over the internet: your website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and your YouTube channel.

4. Influencer Marketing Continues to Grow

The power to affect other peoples’ decisions has been around forever. 

It can be because of that person’s authority, celebrity, knowledge, position, or relationship to the decision maker.

This marketing channel of word-of-mouth referrals can include person-to-person or mass influence to a group and it continues to grow in popularity.

This year, focus on who you know knows a lot of other people who trust them.

Start with your own list of patients who already know, like and trust you. 

Send them an email, do a survey and add to your in-patient intake form the question: Are you an influencer or would you like to become an influencer? 

Have them provide their social media accounts, as well as their analytics to determine if they would be a good fit to partner with and you want to meet their audience.

Together and in writing, decide how much you are willing to discount your services and what you get for that in terms of number and types of posts.

You can also Google “influencer marketing” to select from lots of agencies who specialize in matching you up with influencers.

5. Retention is the New Patient Attraction Strategy

Patient retention has become as important as patient attraction if you want to compete profitably in an uber-competitive marketplace. 

Because the real money is in the lifetime cosmetic patient value, since you spent a lot of money attracting cosmetic patients to you, they are pure profit from then on IF you hang onto them. 

When you build this community of loyal patients, you don’t have to blow out your budget on advertising because your raving patient fans are doing it for you. 

It’s also more fun for you and your staff to cater to patients who love you and their friends and family, than constantly tap dance to convert stranger patients. 

Cosmetic practice marketing is easier to retain than you think. Stay in touch with informational and compelling emails, social media post updates, events, and a loyalty program.

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