Smarter Ways to More Cosmetic Patients

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5 Smarter Ways to Attract Cosmetic Patients

The challenge with finding new patients is that your market is everybody and everybody is everywhere so here are 5 smarter ways to attract cosmetic patients. 

Because the goal is not to do more. It’s to do more of what works. And what does NOT work is to go after everybody because you’ll get lost in the sea of generalization. 

5 smarter ways to attract cosmetic patients

It takes specific targeting and focus to attract your preferred cosmetic patients who are most likely to say yes to your services, so try these proven strategies to get better results:

1. Create Money-Making Assets on Autopilot

Let’s say you want to attract a younger demographic who wants to look good this summer and liposuction is a great solution.

You develop a free guide or report talking about the benefits and FAQs of liposuction and post it on social media. If you get likes and direct messages, you have a winner that is worth investing in. So, you turn that into an ad for one marketing channel (Instagram or Facebook are your best bet for now) and build a follow up funnel around it that is on autopilot. 

You let the technology weed out looky-loos from the serious patients by having them self-select by going through your funnel and giving you their name, cell, email so they can read your guide and click to a landing page to learn even more about you and schedule a consultation. Now your staff can follow up with this hot lead via phone, text or email because they have indicated through their actions that they want what you offer! 

2. Build Your Own List with Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are anything that is interesting to your preferred patients who are open to plastic surgery. That includes quizzes, instant quotes, reports and gift cards. You give them something AFTER they give you something and that’s their contact information.

You are not only building a list of prospective cosmetic patients, you are also protecting yourself in case you get shut down by the social media platforms, like so many of your colleagues have.

A surgeon I know was telling me he had 2 million followers and was shut down by Instagram and he didn’t even know why. He tried numerous times to contact them and got no response. He was able to restore his account only because he found someone who had an inside contact at Instagram to help him. Otherwise, he would have lost all of that patient data and have to start over. Yikes!

3. Social Media Contest

Consumers love to interact online so make it fun for them with a give away contest. Ask them a question and if they get it right (or wrong), everyone is a winner. 

Offer them a complimentary virtual consultation or have them send in their photo and you (or your team), simulate your recommendations and include a link to a landing page to schedule with you.

4. Irresistible Offer with Urgency

Procrastination is the enemy in this industry. Nobody actually “needs” plastic surgery. Cosmetic patients will think about it forever before pulling the trigger, so it’s helpful to offer an incentive for their decisiveness. 

For example, when a patient is at the consultation and on the fence deciding to go for it or to procrastinate some more, help them. Offer them a themed gift card that expires soon. 

What works well is a $500 Anniversary Gift Card towards their surgery IF they book this month. Your coordinator can even say, “Sara, maybe this will help….it’s our practice anniversary this month so Dr. Smith has given me the authority to offer a $500 gift card to certain patients and I would love to offer one to you if you are able to book this month. What do you think?”

5. Tap Into Your Existing Patient List

It’s always easier, cheaper, and faster to grow your practice with the patients who already know, like and trust you, then it is to attract and convert total internet stranger patients.

You 10X the value of your patients by nurturing them so they return more often, refer more friends, give you great reviews, approve their before/after photos, share on social media and complete surgery. 

So, the easiest way to turn your patients into raving fans is to offer a loyalty/rewards program. For example, I offer The KiSS Club that allows your patients to collect KISSes toward free cosmetic services once they hit certain levels and we do all the marketing for you, so you and your staff don’t have to. See details at:

Please test these strategies above. If they work, keep doing them and put more money towards them. If the results aren’t there, tweak it, test again,  then drop it, and try something else.

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Catherine Maley

Catherine Maley

Catherine is a business/marketing consultant to plastic surgeons. She speaks at medical conferences all over the world on practice building, marketing and the business side of plastic surgery. Get a Free Copy of her popular book, Your Aesthetic Practice: What Your Patients Are Saying View Author Profile.

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