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Plastic Surgeon Marketing | 7 Best Ways to Market Yourself

As a seasoned marketing consultant to plastic surgeons for 23 years, I understand your challenges and your opportunities to grow in this dynamic industry.

But the harsh reality is that it’s becoming progressively more costly and difficult to build a profitable practice in a saturated market. 

Your website is no longer enough. No one thing is enough.

Technology advancements, fickle patient expectations and fierce competition are the norm, so it’s time to think different and do different if you want to attract your fair share of patients and profits.

Here’s a hint….the key to growing a successful practice must include a plastic surgeon marketing strategy that is patient centric. 

Here are 7 of the best ways to market yourself in today’s climate:

Pick a Niche:

Specialization sets you apart and establishes you as an expert. That, in turn, allows you to hone your craft and your results speak for themselves. Position yourself as an expert by sharing your insights through speaking, authoring, teaching and educating the industry on your innovative techniques. By the way, as a specialist, you gain the credibility and confidence to command premium fees for your services.

Educate Using Short Videos

Videos are in. They convey your message using visuals and audio to keep the attention of short attention span audiences. They also make the information more digestible, memorable and sharable. Share short videos of your expertise by showcasing patient stories, great results and offer tips to help consumers decipher this confusing world of cosmetic rejuvenation.

Embrace Social Media

This has become essential for building your practice because that’s where your prospective cosmetic patients go for information, inspiration and fun….and it’s free. This is how you stay relevant and build a following, while increasing your credibility and trust.

Hire an Experienced Social Media Coordinator

You can either spend a fortune on “pay to play” advertising and you can use social media as an investment in your marketing plan. But you need someone who understands the platforms, trends, and audience behaviors so they tailor a social media strategy that gets you more followers, engagement, and surgeries! Check out their work to see how creative their content is when it comes to purpose, resonating with your preferred patients and how it builds your unique brand. They also need to understand scheduling and metrics to translate data to ensure continual optimization.

Advertise to Build Your List

Even though social media is becoming the “go-to” practice-building strategy, you need more than that. You still want to use advertising to grow your list of anyone who is interested in looking good and feeling great. Be sure you have a way to capture name, cell and email to build your list of interested consumers. Since google took away much of the targeting audience feature, this is a way to build a targeted audience on your own. Now encourage these people to follow you on social media and consistently email them interesting content, so they connect with you when they’re ready to move forward.

Existing Patients are Priceless

Happy patients are your best unpaid sales team. They are your walking talking testimonials who will brag about you to their friends, family, and followers. Take excellent care of them, give them a great result, and build a relationship with them so they happily give you great reviews, approve their before/after photos, gladly do a video testimonial with you and share you on their social media platforms.

Double Down on What’s Working

Regularly look at numbers to identify what is working and resonating with your audience. For example, a particular social media platform, particular content, calls to action or copy that is working better than the rest. Double down on your efforts and/or budget to get all you can from it. Do that until it doesn’t work anymore, then try something else.

The point is that is takes a multi-channel approach to improve your brand, attract the cosmetic patients you most enjoy working with and grow strategically for the long run.

If you could use some clarity and would like help mapping out a strategic marketing plan for the year, let’s talk.

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