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Attract More Cosmetic Patients Through Storytelling

Here is a quick story of how to attract more cosmetic patients through storytelling.

I worked with a plastic surgeon who ran his big practice like a business. He had a management team overseeing the day-to-day operations. The other providers who brought in revenues,  systems and processes that eliminate waste, mistakes and theft.

All was running very profitably and smoothly until;

One Friday afternoon, he was at the gym because Fridays are his mental vacation days to recharge and he got a call from his sister-in-law. That was odd since she never calls so he picked up.

She yells into the phone hysterically to come home. Your house is on fire!

He froze for a minute and then sprang into action. By the time he got there, his 6,000 sq. ft. home he and his wife designed, built, and brought their kids up in, was gone.

It turns out, his handyman had swept up debris and put it in a container on the porch, but he also added fireplace ashes to the container and, sure enough, it smoldered and caught on fire and went up. His house burnt to the ground within 45 minutes.

The good news is the surgeon’s wife and kids were out of town, so nobody was harmed but all memories of their past went up in smoke.

And here’s more good news… because the surgeon had set his practice up to work with AND without him, this event was more of a distraction than a disaster that ruined him.

He was able to take time off to focus on his family and let others focus on his practice because he had set it up as a self-sustaining business.

This is a true story and I’ll bet it resonated with you because you felt all sorts of emotions: intrigue, curiosity, empathy, fear and compassion.

The point is that stories are powerful tools to help you connect with your audience and you can use them to attract more cosmetic patients. 

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Why We Love Stories

Humans have a fundamental desire for connection, meaning and understanding. Stories tweak our imagination, conjure strong emotions, and help us make sense of our experiences. They also pass down knowledge, help us see different perspectives. They can also be very entertaining and hold our interest which is why it is a great way to Attract More Cosmetic Patients Through Storytelling.

Stories Build Trust

Stories have the power to build empathy and trust. When you share a story, you’re showing vulnerability and authenticity, which can help establish a connection with your audience. This trust is essential for building brand loyalty and encouraging consumers to take action.

Stories engage, inspire and motivate to take action. They also leave a lasting impression.

Stories Get Attention

Storytelling is an excellent patient-attraction tool that gets you more leads.  It’s an effective way to capture consumers’ attention and keep them engaged long enough to gain their trust so they choose you over your competitors.

Stories Are Memorable and Shareable

Stories are more memorable than facts and figures, making them memorable and shareable. When consumers can recall a story, they’re more likely to share it with others, creating a powerful word-of-mouth marketing tool.

Stories Help You Bond with Your Patients

This is why you Attract More Cosmetic Patients Through Storytelling because your stories build empathy and trust with your patients. When you share a story, you’re showing vulnerability and authenticity, and that establishes a connection with prospective patients and encourages them to take action.

Stories Help Your SEO and Social Media Stats

Patients will share your stories with their friends and comment on your social media posts and that builds your online presence.

How to Use This Method To Attract More Cosmetic Patients Through Storytelling

Isn’t it time for you to tell your own story? Just share as much as you are comfortable with. For example:

  • Where did you grow up?
  • What life lessons were you taught by your family, faith and friends?
  • Why did you become a surgeon?
  • Life experiences that had a profound effect on you
  • Your own family, hobbies, interests
  • Your vision and goals for the future and so on

Examples of Surgeon Stories

Here’s an example of a surgeon who performs gastric sleeve surgery and he, himself, has had the procedure performed. 

He understands firsthand, the emotional, physical, and psychological journey of his patients and that gives him a competitive edge over his competitors.

Another surgeon wrote this on his about page:

“I am the oldest child of a large family of 10 children. My father was a physician, who specialized in Psychiatry. He worked very hard to support our large family, but he loved his work. He truly cared about his patients and I can remember people stopping him in stores or other places, thanking him for his good work. I believe that because of my father, I wanted to become a physician from a very early age. I cannot remember wanting to be anything else but a doctor. As the oldest child in a large family, I developed a sense of responsibility. From this, I also developed a very good work ethic that has served me well throughout my life.”

And another surgeon proudly showed off his triplets:


Use these tips to help carve out your story your patients want to know:

  • Use real-life examples: Share personal experiences or case studies to illustrate how your services solve real-life problems your patients have.
  • Create a narrative: Use a clear beginning, middle, and end to create a compelling story that engages. Don’t leave them hanging.
  • Use emotional language: Use descriptive language to evoke emotions and create an emotional connection.
  • Make it relatable: Use stories that consumers can relate to, making the information more accessible and memorable.
  • Use multimedia: Use videos, images, and other multimedia tools to bring stories to life and capture attention.

Please start telling your story (and your patients’ stories and watch how it can transform the way you educate and connect with your prospective cosmetic patients who then become another story for you to share.

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