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Automated Marketing Plan for Plastic Surgeons Post COVID-19

Even though America is slowly re-opening from the COVID-19 crisis, you don’t really know what will happen in terms of patient confidence and the state of the economy so you need an automated marketing plan for plastic surgeons post-COVID-19.

As a plastic surgeon, these questions, most likely, swirl in your head:

  • Will patients return or will fear for their safety or budget keep them away?
  • Will enough patients spend enough to make you profitable or just keep you and your staff busy but losing money?
  • Do you double-down on your marketing efforts to attract new patients ready to say yes or do you discover your extra efforts only managed to drain your budget?

All of this uncertainty weighs on you.

You depend on a steady flow of cash-paying patients willing to pay a fair price for your services, but
will they continue to do so now that the world has turned upside down?

What do you do post-COVID-19?

What you do next will determine how you re-enter the marketplace to get the quickest results possible to build up your practice once more.

You have an enormous opportunity to attract and convert cosmetic patients anxious for your services…….. but, so do your competitors.

What’s going to make the difference for you?

The answer is an Automated Marketing Plan for Plastic Surgeons Post-COVID-19.

If you don’t have one, you need one…NOW.

If you already have one, you need to perfect it…NOW.

Why you ask?

Because my guess is, this will NOT be “business as usual” when you open your doors.

There will be a fight for cosmetic patients, now more than ever, so you need to win your fair share while spending the least amount.

Your automatic marketing plan needs to be firing on all cylinders, so you have systems in place to:

  • ATTRACT the right patients who are least likely to be affected by economic downturns and are willing to pay a fair price for your skill and expertise;
  • FOLLOW UP on every single lead in a systematic way so more of them are converted to take action than to mysteriously drift away…never to be heard from again; and
  • TRACK your results so every dollar you spend on marketing and advertising works hard for you to rebuild your cosmetic practice.

Not sure if you are set up to win?
Trying to go it alone and figuring it out yourself?

Maybe you have attended your medical society webinars, read a marketing book or received free advice from your vendors but here’s the thing…

General information is NOT what you need right now.

You need a shortcut to hit the ground running when your doors open.

You need a new objective perspective from someone with 35 years of sales and marketing experience who has worked with hundreds of cosmetic practices to “find the money” they couldn’t see because they were too close to the situation.

You need a customized marketing plan that incorporates YOUR specific branding and YOUR specific assets, mapped out, in writing so you have a specific plan for attracting new patients to you.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, I am offering to review and improve your branding and marketing plan for a fraction of my regular $15K fee for consulting. But only until they lift the orders to stay home so act now.

I’m doing this to help you survive.

I guarantee to find holes that cost you in missed leads, missed new patients and thousands of dollars.

Once your customized marketing plan is in place, you no longer “hope” for results.

You see your results in black and white.

Click Here to Get Your Customized Automated Marketing Plan

You don’t have a cosmetic practice without a steady flow of cash-paying patients, and you don’t have those patients without an Automated Marketing Plan.

I will check out your current plan to find the holes and put new levers in place that you never thought of that are keeping new patients away.

Click Here to Get Your Customized Automated Marketing Plan 

marketing for plastic surgeons post covid

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