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Avoid These Marketing Mistakes

Have you ever wondered how some of your competitors are swamped with patients, while others seem to struggle to get noticed? Well when you avoid these marketing mistakes in your cosmetic practice will help you attract new clients. 

It often boils down to just avoid these marketing mistakes in your cosmetic practice which is costing you without you even realizing it.  But don’t stress! Discover common marketing mistakes plastic surgeons make that you’ll want to avoid and how you can make your own practice the talk of the town.



This isn’t just about flashy ads or catchy slogans; it’s your golden ticket plan to building lasting relationships, earning trust, and showcasing what makes you the go-to expert in a world where choices abound.

Frankly, good marketing can make or break your practice, so avoid these marketing mistakes in your practice that are often made:

Who’s Listening?

Imagine talking about the wonders of liposuction to someone interested in skincare. A mismatch, right? That’s what happens when your marketing doesn’t precisely target your audience. And here’s the kicker: with cosmetic patients now ranging from 18 to 80 looking into plastic surgery, a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t cut it. Tailoring your message is key to avoid these marketing mistakes in your practice!

For example, this Instagram ad is targeted to young females using an eye-catching and creative graphic and the headline speaks to what that audience is thinking:

Show, Don’t Just Tell

Here’s a quick question: Would you believe a friend who tells you about an awesome plastic surgeon or a random billboard ad? If you pick a friend, you understand the power of social proof. For example, before-and-after photos on Instagram can get thousands of likes, and real patient stories shared on your feed can turn followers into clients. It’s all about making it real for prospective patients to see how happy your current patients are after choosing you. 

Digital Presence or Digital Ghost?

Did you know that up to  80% of consumers decide to visit a particular business based on what they read online? A dated website or a non-active social media channel can damn your practice into invisibility. Instagram especially, is the most popular for plastic surgeons. Video reels, short posts, blog articles, and even a “look behind the scenes into the OR” can create a whole new online community in no time.

All About the Patient Experience

Have you ever left a restaurant vowing never to return due to the bad service experience, but the food was still great? It’s the same for your practice. Your staff and processes can make or break your practice’s reputation.

 From the first hello to the last follow-up, a patient experience can create a lifetime raving fan reviews and referrals, or just the opposite.  The patient experience is the strongest marketing tool you have so be sure you are being represented professionally by the team you surround yourself with to avoid these marketing mistakes in your cosmetic practice!

Stuck In The Past? Time To Innovate

The field of plastic surgery and marketing moves at lightning speed but you may hold back and close your mind to adapting. Unwillingness to give up the obsolete approaches is the same as saying “no” to an upgrade of the flip phone. Stay open to new marketing channels like TikTok and innovate by adding new small procedures done in your office using local. That’s how you attract a new demographic of patients who don’t know you….yet.

In wrapping up, the secret to plastic surgery marketing is to truly understand your audience and showcase their dream outcomes on marketing platforms they frequent. 

Keep your website fresh and engaging so it reflects your up-to-date standards.

Elevate patient experiences to transform patients into ambassadors who sing your praises. And be willing to adapt and explore new marketing strategies and procedures.

Because this is not about avoiding these marketing mistakes in your practice; it’s about creating authentic connections, offering life-changing results, and staying ahead in an ever-changing world. 

To help you get your marketing right, I made this Free video for you entitled, “Website + Digital Strategies” that gives you lots of online strategies to attract better quality cosmetic patients.

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