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Build Your Patient List

Building a list of potential plastic surgery patients is pivotal to your success in today’s digital world. Here’s why….

Google has taken away much of the targeting features we used to enjoy. That means you need to spend up to 5-25X more to get in front of a larger general audience and hope they are interested in cosmetic rejuvenation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to make it even more difficult for consumers to find your website since Google will answer most consumer questions themselves, without sending them to various options to click on. This way, they don’t lose consumers to AI who will become the easier search engine since they compile the data to eliminate you having to click to many sites.

Paid Advertising will become mandatory if you want to attract new Internet Stranger patients since the first page of a google search will be mostly paid ads.

And, consumer distaste in direct advertising will hurt your efforts. The consumer is inundated with digital ads coming at them and are becoming immune to direct promotion.

To combat the above, your best plan of action is to build your list of a captive audience of consumers interested in cosmetic rejuvenation and gain market share.

This will help keep you and your staff busy during mean AND lean times.

However, rather than using hard-selling tactics, build your list with education and entertainment.

This way, you attract new prospective patients who see you, get to know you and visit you when the time is right.

Here’s how you do it…

Develop Plastic Surgery Content

You are probably wondering what content you have that is interesting. The answer is you have plenty.

Your everyday knowledge is fascinating to consumers interested in improving their appearance and they can’t get enough information.

Remember, you live this world every day, whereas consumers do not so you want to become their main source of information.

Educational content is key. Educating consumers positions you as the expert so the prospective patient is reassured you are the best choice for them.

Cosmetic Surgery Branding

Here are examples of creating great content:

  • Perform a mock consult on your wife or staff member. Have her explain what bothers her about her face and/or body. Then you give your professional recommendation of what you could do to address her concerns. 
  • Have your wife or staff member ask you questions to address common objections you hear repeatedly at your consultations. 
  • Show before/after photos of your patients on an iPad or computer screen and explain the process of what they had done. 
  • Interview your patients using these questions to help them tell their story:
    • What was bothering them (the pain they were in)
    • Why they chose you over your competitors
    • What the process was like (easier than expected)
    • How great they feel now

Add Entertaining Plastic Surgery Content

Some of the most popular surgeons got that way because they are authentic and real with their patients.

They show more sides of themselves than just their surgeon side. They show they are a family man, an artist, a dog lover, an exercise enthusiast, a great cook, and so on.

Just do what feels most comfortable to you. Your current and new patients will love getting to know you better.

When they feel more comfortable with you, they are way more apt to go the next step and that is to meet you in person.

The content can be still photos, short videos made with your iPhone, longer videos made with your iPad, and video conferencing while showing your before/after photos.


Cosmetic Surgery Branding

Boost The Winners

Here’s another growth hack…. whichever content gets the most likes, shares, and comments, boost it to increase the audience reach, and turn it into an ad for that platform so it reaches many more consumers than just the little organic reach you get.

Be sure to also add it to your website as well so when they click on it or anywhere else on your website, you can retarget them to see your ad.

Obviously, this takes tech-savvy know-how but there are plenty of people who can help you (maybe even your own kids who hang out on these platforms all day). 

Collect Patient Contact Information

Now here is the caveat to putting in the effort to create this content …

You must collect consumer contact information. Since plastic surgery and social media have a tumultuous relationship, you can easily be banned and erased from social media channels and you lose everything.

However, if you have been collecting consumer data yourself, you can still reach out to them. Create a way for your audience to give you their name, cell and email.

For example, talk about when you need a breast lift with your breast aug and then offer a guide, survey, quiz, or Free virtual consult, in return for their contact information.

This is about strategically engaging prospective cosmetic patients through information and relatable content. It not only positions you as a trusted expert, but also resonates with the public who want to know WHO you are.

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