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Convert 25-50% More Consultations with the Right Patient Coordinator

When you find a patient coordinator with the right character, mindset and skills is truly a game changer for cosmetic practices..

They can take your practice revenues from “just enough to pay the bills” to a windfall every month. All because they know how to book cosmetic procedures!

This position cannot be taken lightly. You may think anyone can step in to do the job of a coordinator, but woulde be sorely mistaken.

Converting consultations is an art and trained skill. It takes the right strategies, knowledge and then lots of practice to get good at confidently taking a “stranger prospect” to a cash-paying cosmetic patient.

Download this “Score Card for Patient Care Coordinator Position” to see the list of traits of a great patient coordinator to ensure you have the right person representing you:

find a patient coordinator for your cosmetic practice

And, to expand on that list, here are three main attributes that make the biggest difference when you have a coordinator representing you and generating revenues:

The Right Mindset and Attitude

The best coordinators are here to serve – not sell. They have confidence knowing they are providing a valuable service to prospective patients who have a pain point, and you are their best solution.

They believe in the surgeon(s) they are representing. And believe in cosmetic rejuvenation as a gateway to personal self-fulfillment and happiness.

That means they do all they can to help the prospective patient get to a yes and they persevere in the face of resistance. They don’t see resistance as rejection. They see it as an opportunity to offer different perspectives and clear up the confusion on the patient’s side. So the patient actually makes a decision to better themselves.

Excellent People Skills

The right coordinator also has the people skills to make a prospective cosmetic patient comfortable and trusting enough to make a decision to have their cosmetic procedure with you.

They stay focused on the patient’s wants, fears, objections so they can artfully address the issues in the patient’s mind that are stopping them from moving forward.

They do that by bonding with, listening to and asking strategic questions, in the right order, so the patient feels heard. The patient now opens up because they trust the patient coordinator has their best interests at heart.

find a patient coordinator

Skilled at Converting

Converting prospective patients to paid cosmetic patients is the #1 skill to be a top patient coordinator. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is the difference between an okay coordinator and a converting rock star.

This takes confidence, courage and proven strategies that are practiced and engrained so your coordinator sounds like a pro rather than a desperate sales person.

The patient is looking to you for guidance and isn’t going to hand it to you. You have to ask for it in a professional and comfortable way, so the patient says yes.

For example, when the coordinator has presented the options to the prospective patient. They must transition to a strategic question rather than a yes/no question that can trigger resistance.

So instead of asking, “Sarah, did you want to do this?”, you ask, “Sarah, did you want to go with the full Mommy Makeover or start with just the Tummy Tuck?”

When they pick one of the choices given them. The patient is moving forward and you now have a booked surgery!

Want more?

Set up a consultation with me, I’ll train your patient coordinator to be a converting rock star.

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