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Cosmetic Patients Need to Like You

The world of cosmetic surgery has come a long way over the years. From being a niche market to now being a billion-dollar industry, cosmetic surgery is now mainstream.

That means your prospective patient base has opened to all shapes and ages of people. 

But their wants and needs are different so how do you keep up with what cosmetic patients need, cater to them, and relate to all? 

What All Cosmetic Patients Need and Want

Let’s start with the basic wants of cosmetic patients. The #1 reason is to improve their appearance. They feel self-conscious about certain physical features, so they want to add, subtract, rejuvenate, or renovate what they have so they feel more confident in their body.

Cosmetic patients also want to improve the quality of their life. Some want to just feel better about themselves, so they are happier, while others hope to turn back the clock and buy themselves more time to enjoy life. 

Ultimately, we all just want to be happy and a whole bunch of people think cosmetic rejuvenation will give them that happiness.

Cosmetic Patient Wants and Needs

There’s a difference between wants and needs. A patient’s wants are often driven by external factors such as social media or celebrity culture. Wants can be temporary and may not always align with what the patient actually needs. 

do cosmetic patients need to like you

That can cause a problem for you and require more attention to detail and personalization to make this patient happy because needs are based on the patient’s individual concerns and desires.

However, persuading a cosmetic patient to see it your way is a challenge. It’s a skill to learn how to relate to all types of patient personalities so they trust you enough to listen to your professional recommendations and choose you over all others. So…

How Can You Be Likeable to a Variety of Cometic Patients?

While I was writing the above, I realized surgeons need to get good at being likeable to the public whose wants, needs, beliefs, and expectations vary greatly, but here’s the thing…

No matter how old we get, it’s still a game of popularity … do patients like you more than your competitors?

To help ensure you are the winner, here are a few tips on how to be more likeable:

Be Genuine

Being genuine is key to being likeable. Patients can sense when you’re not being authentic and may be put off by it. Instead, be yourself and let your personality shine through. 

Patients are more likely to be attracted to someone who is comfortable in their own skin and not trying to be someone they’re not.


Being a good listener is an important trait in building likeability. When a patient is speaking to you, make sure you are fully present and actively listening to what they have to say. 

Show interest in what they’re saying and ask follow-up questions to show that you heard them. 

Show Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings of others. This can be as simple as offering a listening ear or a kind word. Patients appreciate those who are empathetic and supportive.

reasons why cosmetic patients need to like you

Be Positive

Being positive is another important trait in building likeability. People are attracted to those who radiate positivity and optimism. Try to focus on the good in every situation and avoid complaining or being negative. This will help you attract more positive and like-minded patients into your practice.

Be Respectful

Being positive and respectful towards your patients is an important trait in building likeability. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. This means being kind, considerate, and polite to everyone, regardless of their background or status. 

Be Open-Minded

Being open-minded is important in building likeability. Patients will appreciate you more if you are open to new ideas and perspectives. This means being willing to listen to others’ opinions, even if they differ from your own. Being open-minded can help you connect with a wider range of people and build stronger relationships.


What cosmetic patients need and want are tough to keep up with so to work with them effectively, you’ll want to build up your likeability traits above. It’s not easy and it takes time and thoughtfulness, but it’s necessary to attract the right patients to your practice who actually say yes to you and move forward with a paid procedure. 

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