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Ep.65: What’s Holding You Back From Growing?

Ep.65: What’s Holding You Back From Growing?

Surgeons from around the world tell me regularly how much pressure they feel from the relentless competition, fickle cosmetic patients, staff issues and running a practice by “winging it”.

They don’t have a strategic plan to scale and they are not set up to exit when the time comes.

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Podcast – What’s holding you back from growing?

Surgeons from around the world tell me regularly how much pressure they feel

from the relentless competition, fickle cosmetic patients, staff issues and

running a practice by “winging it”.

They are tired of the revenue roller coaster. Some months they are too busy

to breathe and other months, they panic wondering why their schedule isn’t

full like it was.

Same thing with staff. Just when they get the right team in place and feel

confident their practice is running smoother than ever, here comes the turnover….again.

Why is this so difficult?

Because that’s business. When you realize you are running a business and it

just happens to be “the business of surgery”, you think, be and do differently.

For example, every business needs these basics:

A great team

Systems and processes

Marketing plan for more leads

Strategic plan to stay competitive

Too many plastic surgeons are NOT running their practices like a business so

they jump around reacting to the market shifts, hiring staff sporadically

and “winging it”.

They don’t have a strategic plan to scale and they are not set up to exit when

the time comes.

It’s never been more important to treat your practice like a business if you want to

enjoy peace of mind knowing your practice is a well-oiled machine that runs smoothly
with or without you there.

So, I’m going to lay out what you need to grow in today’s crazy marketplace.

Let’s start with the good news…

You’re probably closer to winning than you might think.

Consider this….

You already did the hard part.

You put the blood, sweat and tears into the tough training, setting up your practice and building a reputation.

You already are dedicating energy, time and money to improvement.

You may not realize it, but that already makes you part of a fraction of 1% of the entire world who even has the discipline to do what you’ve done already.

It might seem like you’ve tried everything and failed but, in reality, you’re most likely at the 85-yard

Speaking of football, everybody knows and agrees that having a GOOD coach is critical to success:

You already know…..

How valuable it is to know what successful practices do to rise above their competitors;

  • How a new perspective can shed light on the practice gaps you’re not seeing;
  • How having a road map to lead you through the maze of practice-building
    saves you countless hours and wasted time and money-making mistakes…

So here are 3 steps you need to address in order to grow your practice:

Step 1:  Get crystal clear about the problem by identifying the issues.

Be specificand be very clear exactly what it is you want.

–  Do you want to attract more cosmetic patients? If so, how many and by when?

–  Do you want better conversions? If so, by how much and by when?

–  Do you want better online reviews?

–  Do you want more word-of-mouth referrals?

–  Do you want more professional staff representing you? If so, how many and in
what positions to make the biggest impact on your bottom line?

Step #2: Identify What Does Not Work and Stop Doing it.

The idea that one thing is going to work for everyone is just silly.

Every single aesthetic practice is different.

They think differently. They have different needs.

That’s why you need a tailor-made plan specifically for you that makes the most sense.  Think about this…

We make plans, we get motivated, we start taking action and then we stop.

Have you tried every ninja shiny object Internet trick and you STILL don’t have the results you want? Guess what?

That probably isn’t the answer….or the entire answer.

Have you tried mass advertising campaigns aggressive advertising salespeople pressured you for, saying this will make you a celebrity?

Again, That probably isn’t the answer….or the entire answer

It doesn’t mean the Internet and sales people are bad, it just means it’s not for you.

Sure, they’ll help a little but that’s not enough. Something is missing.

They are NOT going to take you to the 100-yard line or else, you would already be there.

Step 3:  Understand You Can’t do it Alone.

Think about it, as a cosmetic surgeon in private practice, you most likely feel alone a lot of the time.

Like you are the only one who really cares about the health of your practice.

Like nobody around you understands the pressure of running a cosmetic surgery practice in today’s world.

You are not supposed to be alone.

We are all supposed to collaborate and work together to solve problems.

Very few breakthroughs in the history of mankind have ever been achieved by one person alone without help.

Even Einstein had help (his wife was a very good mathematician he consulted with a lot).

If you now see it would be helpful for you to collaborate with someone who “feels your pain” and has the answers, then here is what you want to look for when consulting with them:

You don’t want fluff or any filler.

You don’t want untested processes and “theory” strategies – just the actual tested and proven strategies used in real life.

Because here’s the thing….The tools are simple to learn.

Learning them is not the issue.

It’s applying the materials that can get more tricky. It’s when you take the ideas and put them to work in your own practice that you might have some bumps in the road.

Usually, it’s just a few tweaks that get you from missing the mark or the exact results you’re wanting so setting up processes and tools grow your successful aesthetic practice on solid business principles.

So you need a system for feeling peace of mind every day, consistently.

I’m not talking about feeling better for a few minutes.

I’m talking about feeling better all day and every day.

Your new system doesn’t eliminate negative emotion from your life (you would never want that anyway since you want to grow). It simply teaches you how to manage it in a way that doesn’t compound it.

If you have already learned the “How to Build a Cosmetic Practice” concepts and read books on the subject, but aren’t seeing the huge benefits yet, this is specifically for you.

Getting outside consel is for plastic surgeons who….

– have a lot working for them but know they could be running a more streamlined and
profitable practice;

– it’s also for those who need a map of clarity so they have peace of mind knowing all systems (and staff) are
working for the “good of the practice” and not just selfishly for themselves;

– and for those who know the gaps in their practice are costly them dearly.

So, here is what you want to work on to scale and grow your practice, with or without outside help:

First, you want to become more conscious in your practice. You need to see how much control you have over the experiences you encounter every day.

This is really important, because if you think your day is just happening to you, then the feeling of powerlessness you experience will prevent you from making the changes and distinctions you’re missing.

Second, you will gain peace of mind knowing you now have a plan to follow to get you where you always envisioned yourself to be:  successful, profitable and confident.

So here is what to work on:


First set the stage:

Know your vision and goals to benchmark

Your current assets to build from

Your image-building strategies to Pre-Frame YOU as the BEST CHOICE

Now, The infrastructure:

How phones are handled

Software used to track and report your results

Processes and protocols

Then, The People:

The right people in the right positions
The right people trained to represent you professionally

The right people who can convert callers and consultations

Staff incentives and motivation

Then, The Processes:

The handling of leads

Following up AFTER the consultation

Protocol for before/after photos, reviews and referrals

And lastly, The Marketing:

Your website and Internet presence

Year-round marketing plan

Social media plan

Internal Marketing plan

External Marketing plan

So, hopefully after hearing this, you can now see more clearly what’s holding you back from growing.

Because once you identify the practice gaps you’re missing, that’s half the battle.

Please go through the list again and take some time working ON your practice

Rather than IN it.

It’s well worth the time and effort if you’re ready to run your practice like a business

and, of course, I’d love to work with you to make this process a whole lot easier so

please call my office or send me a message from my website at

Ok, that’s it for this episode and please do me a favor and




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Catherine Maley

Catherine Maley

Catherine is a business/marketing consultant to plastic surgeons. She speaks at medical conferences all over the world on practice building, marketing and the business side of plastic surgery. Get a Free Copy of her popular book, Your Aesthetic Practice: What Your Patients Are Saying View Author Profile.


Beauty and the Biz is for Plastic Surgeons who know they don’t know everything and are open to discovering the pearls to grow and scale a sellable asset when they’re ready to exit.

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