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Plastic Surgeons Gain Competitive Advantage

When it comes to attracting new patients, how do plastic surgeons gain a competitive advantage? 

When you look online for cosmetic rejuvenation as a patient would, you see website after website of beautiful young women with similar headlines promising you’ll look and feel great too.

That would be fine IF there was not so much choice with lots of practices promising the same thing.

Please know how difficult this is for a consumer prospective patient to decide who is the right plastic surgeon for them.

So, what can you do as a plastic surgeon to gain competitive advantage and stand out as the BEST CHOICE given the highly competitive nature of this industry?

Especially as disposable income dries up for the foreseeable future, there will be less patients to go around so how do you position yourself to win over new patients?

The answer is you strategically gain a competitive advantage.

Here’s how. For starters…

Stop doing what everyone else is doing.

No more “me too” marketing, where patients can’t tell you apart from others, especially when they are hastily clicking and scrolling online searching.

For example, check out your competitors’ websites.

  • If they show ridiculously young models, you show real patients.

  • While they have visitors fill out a long opt-in form, you let them text you.

  • They show boring still photos of the surgeon, you show lots of videos of you explaining procedures, so patients feel more connected to you and want to meet.

You’re going the extra mile so would-be patients take notice. They are clicking around like crazy and anything different will stand out so be creative.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Do What Your Competitors Can’t, Won’t or Don’t

If you are a board-certified plastic surgeon, it’s easy enough to differentiate yourself from non-board-certified physicians and surgeons.

But how do you compete with other board-certified plastic surgeons who had the same training and certifications you did?

That takes more nuance and keep in mind, what you take for granted, can make all the difference. You can make a big deal out of something that patients appreciate, that your competitors skip over.

For example,

    • Your specific process to address pain keeps the patient 85% more comfortable during post op than how most surgeons address it.

    • Your suture technique takes the pressure off of skin so the scarring is minimal.

    • You no longer use drains and explain why patients will love that.

    • You guarantee your quote so even if you take longer in the OR, you don’t pass that extra charge onto the patient like other surgeons would.

    • You do all surgery in-house for the privacy and safety under local twilight while your competitors continue to use general.
By the way, I’m not saying general anesthesia is bad; however, the patient trend is
to get away from general since they have (or their friends and family)
have had bad experiences and would prefer less anesthesia and a faster recovery.

Treat Cosmetic Patients Better Than Your Competitors

As our industry continues to commoditize, it makes it more difficult for prospective cosmetic patients to tell you apart from the competition.

There is a good chance, you and your competitors have a nice website, good reviews and before/after photos, but that’s not enough.

Here is something you can do that is simple but not easy.

You can win over patients by reciting this saying every single day with your team:

Gain Competitive Advantage

*This is a Maya Angelou quote that I finessed 😉

Meet regularly with your team to brainstorm how you can make this experience faster, easier and more convenient for your patients.

I have personally visited many practices and med spas for my own rejuvenation over the decades and it’s surprising how different the vibe can be…..

…. one can be chaotic and you can feel the tension.

….another is neutral and you can feel the indifference.

….some are friendly and you can feel the warmth.

….the best are pros and you can feel the difference.

It has never been more important to ensure your patients have an excellent experience whether on your website, on the phone or visiting your office.

plastic surgeon Gain Competitive Advantage

A nice comfortable office with friendly staff who care, can trump the competition. That is your competitive advantage that will be remembered and bragged about to your patients’ friends and family who also want to have that same friendly and caring experience.

And, lastly, be easy to do business with. Make it so convenient for the patient, you blow your competitors out of the water. For example:

    • Let patients schedule online.

    • Labs and pharmacy are next door to you.

    • Figure out the nurse care, childcare and/or meal delivery while your patients recuperate.

      Great online presence and exceptional patient-centric focus can make a world a difference. Please take the time to understand what your patients want, address their concerns and provide personalized experiences. That’s what results in higher patient satisfaction, glowing reviews and valuable referrals.

Strategy Call with Catherine Maley

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A Complete Guide to Understanding Your Aesthetic Patient and Growing Your Aesthetic Practice. Catherine Maley, MBA went straight to the aesthetic patient to get the answers you need to succeed with your patients.



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