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Google and AI are Hurting Your Traffic

Google and AI are hurting your traffic because Google is set to roll out its search generative experience (SGE).  This will cause an enormous shift in SEO and content marketing, forcing you to change your approach if you want to be found in the search rankings.

Basically, standard information and keyword-based content will no longer drive traffic as before. Instead, Google’s automated Artificial Intelligence (AI) will provide most of the information for most search queries directly, thereby bypassing your website.

That means you’ll need to be more thoughtful and creative in your marketing strategies to get found organically to drive traffic to your website.

Primary Challenges with Google and AI Are Hurting Your Traffic

AI has shaken up the marketing landscape in all industries. Although it will open up more opportunities down the line, it poses challenges as we learn and adapt to it. This proves that google and AI are hurting your traffic so, here are three key challenges to be aware of over the next one to three years.


The introduction of Google SGE means you now have an even stiffer competition to deal with. Since you’re now vying for authority with Google and competitors, you must adapt to the changing landscape.

Uncertain Economy

In June 2022, the inflation rates in the United States increased by over 9%. Although inflation has slowed in 2023, the economy is now in a state of uncertainty and that affects our industry greatly, so you must market optimally to stand out.

Less Data

Changes in privacy laws and cookie policies mean that we now have less quality data than in previous years. Therefore, you’ll have to operate on your own intuition to provide the quality content that your audience is looking for.

How Do You Compete with Google?

If you’re used to creating content on topics like, “What’s the downtime for a breast lift?”, you won’t drive the same levels of traffic as you used to. Customers will find short answers to queries like this through Google’s AI. For the most part, they’ll have no reason to click on your articles or blog posts since google gave them the answer within seconds of their query.

So, one of the priorities for plastic surgeon marketing strategies should be a focus on your unique content. It’s crucial to ensure it’s not made redundant by Google and SGE. Think of it this way….if AI can pull the answer itself, it’s not unique enough.

Here are content strategies to help you reinvent your content to compete with google and AI:

Personality-Driven Content

One of the negative aspects of AI is that it has led to an abundance of lazy, low-value articles, in all industries. However, Google doesn’t reward websites that produce obvious AI-based content. Instead, it grants authority to valuable, first-person, and personality-driven material.

Come up with ways you can assert yourself as an influencer, thought leader or trusted resource to consumers looking for plastic surgery.

This means creating content that appeals to consumers and using specific case studies and patient stories as examples that AI can’t replicate.

Interactive Content

Cosmetic prospective patients in research mode, are open to learning. They are curious about procedures and if they are a good candidate. They are hungry for specific information about them.

You can target this audience with customized quizzes, checklists, cost calculators, and treatment guides.

This type of content requires professional expertise that only you can provide. It also provides valuable information for you to determine if this is a good quality prospective patient to pursue.

Better User Experience with Videos

The modern consumer expects seamless experiences on websites and easy-to-consume information. You can differentiate your content through rich imagery and videos, since they are the most effective way to relay your message.

Actually, social videos get 1,200% more shares than written content and images combined. Don’t be shy. It’s more important than ever for you to create content with YOU in it. AI cannot compete with your uniqueness.

Social Proof/Influencer Content

Unique content includes your patients’ reviews, photos and video testimonials. Again, AI cannot replicate it so make this a priority. Examples would be to do nose reveal videos for rhino, Q&A video testimonials with you asking your patients about their experience, and ask patients to allow you to show off their great results in their before/after photos. 

This includes influencer marketing to add to your plastic surgeon marketing plan. It’s smart to work with local influencers who have a great following and are willing to sing your praises.

Just be sure you get your agreement in writing so both you and the influencer are very clear what they will do for you and what you will do for them.  You cannot afford any communication issues down the road that could backfire on you, so choose carefully.

Moving On from Paid Advertising

Strategies like google adwords/pay-per-click (PPC) are still relevant but very expensive, so you may want to avoid spending your entire marketing budget on these dated trends. There are more strategic ways to target new patients. For example, 

Segment Your Target Patients

The first step is to segment your preferred cosmetic patients. Create different patient groups depending on their age, gender, pain points and solutions you offer. For example, who are the most valuable patient segments for facelifts?

Create Personalized Campaigns and Messages

Once you’ve segmented your target cosmetic patient groups, communicate with them through personalized campaigns, messages, and content. This approach ensures your audience feels seen and valued. And they are way more likely to interact with you when you are addressing their specific problem.

Track Results

When you execute any of the above strategies, use analytic tools to monitor your results. This will help you determine the keywords that resonate with your audience. And the data most relevant to you, such as web traffic, leads, or conversions, tells you what content you should do more of since it’s working.

Marketing Your Plastic Surgery Business

For more information on how to maximize your marketing presence in the digital age, click below and let’s talk.

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