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Hot, Cold, & Warm Plastic Surgery Leads. Now What?

Life is easy when your prospective patients call to make an appointment, show up for their consultation, love you and say yes.

But what happens to the majority of plastic surgery leads who don’t convert so easily?

Do you give up? Do you reach out once and then give up?

You know you are losing a lot of money because you don’t have a successful plan in place to follow-up, so your staff pretty much gives up on these “lost” leads.

How to Convert Your Plastic Surgery Leads

But once you discover what your staff COULD be doing to convert these valuable leads into paid procedures, you find lost revenues.

If you, too, have been frustrated with putting so much effort into consultations only to NOT get to a yes, there is a better way.

It takes different scripts and messaging for different “temperatures” of patients. Those who are HOT now, those who have WARMED, those who have grown COLD, and even those you consider DEAD leads.

To help you turn these lost leads into new revenues, here are strategies that WORK like magic:

Hot Plastic Surgery Leads 

When a lead is still hot, you want to help that pondering patient choose you over your competitors, so act fast.

Go above and beyond to make them feel comfortable and move forward.

For example, if they want a mommy makeover but mentioned to you they don’t have anyone to take care of their kids while they recuperate, find a reputable nanny service for them.

Warm Plastic Surgery Leads

This patient is still warm. They want what you offer but are procrastinating because of fear, so reassure them.

Follow up with a similar patient they can identify with who tells her story about conquering her own fear and how glad she did because she loves her new look and wished she had done it sooner.

Cold/Dead Plastic Surgery Leads

These are the leads sitting in a pile or in a computer that have been ignored and are now considered a lost cause.

A great way to wake them up is to reach out to them with a heartfelt, personal message showing your concern for that prospective patient and then invite them back for another discussion.

Include new information about you or that procedure to reignite their interest. Include a time-sensitive “irresistible offer” they can’t say no to. [This one strategy was worth $56,000 within 10 days].

The point is, you can continue to throw more money at advertising for new leads, or you can train your staff to move a lot more of these leads to booked cash procedures.

If you need help, check out The Converting Club where I personally work with your staff to get them to a YES more often.

Act now to get my “Follow Up Map” [PDF] with your order.

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