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More Patient Leads Checklist

You most likely started your cosmetic practice because you were good at your trade and enjoy transforming lives. You love using your hard-earned skills to serve your patients, helping them look good and feel great about themselves so they have the confidence to fully enjoy life.  But as your practice grew, there’s a good chance that you found out a surprising reality … you can be good at what you do and you can love to serve your patients, but there’s something that you need that they didn’t adequately prepare you for in medical school…. new patient leads.

Why you need new patient leads

You need people who possibly want whatever services you offer, and you need a bunch of them (since not all of those leads will turn into paid procedures today).

Ultimately, it comes down to one simple activity….lead generation. You need to get more and more leads into your pipeline so that some of them turn into paying patients. (And as you grow, you need to get even more leads into your pipeline!)

So I prepared this free resource sharing some of my best sources to generate leads. These are the same strategies I used to generate an extra $21 million dollars for my clients since Year 2000. 

Chances are, you may even be using some of these strategies now. There are many ways to take existing strategies and make them even more effective. And maybe there are a few here that you’re not using at all. 

Start with these and learn to master them. Along the way, I’ll be there to support you and help you grow even more. 

#1. Social media contest

Hold a social media contest and give out a great prize that your preferred patients would love. For example, you could show a photo of a patient and your followers can guess all the procedures that the patient had done. Send the winner a big prize and all participants a thank you note and gift card towards their first visit or consultation.   

#2: Social media promotion

Consider how confusing the topic of cosmetic rejuvenation is to the public to understand the process, risks, results to expect and so on. So, make it easier for them to take the next step. Ask them, “Would you like a free photo assessment?” and include an email they can send their photos and concerns to for your evaluation, recommendation and offer for a complimentary live consultation.

#3. YouTube videos

YouTube videos are a great way to get in front of your audience. Make 1- minute videos your audience is interested in and post them daily. Talk about topics prospective patients are searching for and turn them into Q&A videos. For example, “How long does Botox last in the crow’s feet?” or “What’s the downtime for a tummy tuck?” At the end of every video, make a complimentary consult offer for watching this video and invite them to call. 

#4. Give people something for free

Create a free offer on your website in exchange for your web visitors giving you their contact information. An example is a $100 “Get to Know Us” gift card for someone’s first visit or consultation with you. Make sure the offer is added everywhere, from your social media to the footer of your email.

#5. Revisit your brand and consider a strategic redesign

This might surprise you as an opportunity for lead generation, but a strong brand can inspire people to call you. This is especially true if you build a brand that (1) captures the attention of your ideal audience; (2) speaks clearly about the problems you solve; (3) separates you from your competitors; and (4) makes it easy for them to get in touch with you. 

#6. Your existing list

The fastest, cheapest, easiest way to more patient leads is a powerful and untapped source that most cosmetic practices completely ignore. Your current patients may only think of you for one type of service; or maybe there are opportunities to buy from you that they’re not even aware of. Reach out to your list and cross-sell them. For example, let your breast augmentation patients know you also offer lip plumping and your filler patients should know about your skin tightening solutions. Patients simply don’t realize and need to be guided. So, reach out to your existing list and educate them.

#7. Referrals (Part 1)

Referrals continue to be one of the very best ways to get many high valued patient leads without costly advertising. The problem is most cosmetic practices don’t ask for referrals very well or often. Make it part of your regular marketing and sales process to ask for referrals. For example, checkout is the perfect opportunity to include a referral card along with the patient’s receipt for the day. And, for added value, include a free skincare sample or practice-branded lip balm.

#8. Network

It’s not who you know but who knows you that counts. Another way to get lots of leads is by connecting with other local groups who would be interested in your services. Groups such as gyms, yoga studios, hair salons, fitness clubs, and other businesses nearby. Let them know that all receive a “Preferred Patient Welcome Gift Card” and extra service just because they are part of that group.

#9. Affiliates

This one is so simple and so scalable! Find local service providers that serve the same preferred audience as you but offer a non-competing service. For example: A cosmetic dentist, IV spa, hormone center, divorce attorney or woman-owned accounting business, etc. Then, refer your patients to them (and they’ll refer their customers/patients to you). Pay a simple fee per lead or a simple percentage per procedure performed. There are so many businesses out there that this is a VERY simple way to get a lot of leads FAST. (Note: always check laws about paying for referrals.)

#10. Increase your social proof

Prospective cosmetic patients are looking for proof that you will give them the result they want. They find that proof in your before/after photos, patient testimonials and reviews. Make it a priority to build up your photo gallery using all ages, ethnicities, and body types so others can see themselves in your photos. Encourage them to post their results with a video testimonial on their social media platforms and upload a google review. Be sure to thank them so they feel appreciated. 

 #11. 2-for-1 Promotion

What’s better than 1 new patient? The answer is 2 new patients! Advertise a 2-for-1 quick procedure such as “Peel Pals” or “Buddy Botox” so one person sees it, tells her friend and now it’s fun for them to come together to get their treatment and get to know you better. Take really good care of them so 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 8 and so on.

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