My Trip to Saudi Arabia

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My Speaking Trip to Saudi Arabia

My speaking trip to Saudi Arabia was a lifetime experience and I am grateful for the memories.

I spoke at the Jeddah Injection Boot Camp in Jeddah.

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They welcomed me with 5-star accommodations (business class, limos and  the Ritz) and treated me like royalty.

A couple of interesting facts include:

  • Jeddah is where our conference was and is considered the most “liberal”
    city compared to other cities like Riyadh; 
  • More than 50% of the people work for the government and are well taken
    care of; 
  • Many of the doctors I met studied at Mt. Sinai in NY

It was fascinating to learn more about a culture so different than mine. And, at the same time, learn we are not so different after all…          

Here are 3 ways the Saudis are similar to us when it comes to cosmetic rejuvenation:

1. There is a big demand for Aesthetics

That surprised me since the females are covered up in black burqas, hijabs and abayas and the men wear colored headscarfs and white robes but once again the saying,“Vanity knows no bounds” is still true no matter where you live.

And just like us, they like big full lips, plump cheeks, wrinkle-free skin and hair! They also like breast augs and liposuction.

I visited a popular cosmetic clinic where one waiting area was full of women completely covered in black burqas wanting injectables and laser hair removal; while another waiting area was full of men in white robes and headscarfs wanting hair restoration. Who knew?

2. The Competition is Heating Up

As in any marketplace, the increase in consumer demand also increases the supply of cosmetic providers.

That’s why these conferences are happening throughout the Middle East. The doctors want to learn the cash side of medicine and cater to the demand so they get hands-on training.

Several I spoke with currently work in a government hospital but have a goal of going private. Sound familiar?

3. They Must Market Their Cosmetic Services

A famous plastic surgeon who has been in practice for 25 years attended my branding and marketing presentation and he was telling me how much things have changed dramatically within the last few years.

He was always very busy and lived off of word-of-mouth and very little advertising. However, the younger doctors are entering the marketplace and using Instagram to attract patients so he is losing to them.

So, he was at the conference to learn and grow. Good for him!

By the way, they all know the Kardashians and credit them for increasing the demand for cosmetic services! I told them to start their own “Real Housewives of Saudi Arabia” so we’ll see 😉



Here I am with the conference manager getting ready to speak:

Cosmetic Book Camp Saudi Arabia

Suffice it to say, this was a magical trip and it was a pleasure meeting everyone. I thank them for their hospitality and friendliness.



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