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One Time or Lifetime Cosmetic Patient

As a plastic surgeon, do you want a one time or lifetime cosmetic patient?

Most plastic surgeons focus on surgery and that creates a “one-and-done” mindset.

Because as surgeons, they just want surgery, so they focus all of their efforts on finding prospective patients ready for plastic surgery.

However, you can’t win today with that mindset. You will go broke trying to find enough “needle in the haystack” plastic surgery patients ready for surgery now.

In today’s crazy competitive world, that should be only one part of your marketing strategy.

When you change your mindset from a one-time patient to a lifetime patient, your world opens up to new opportunities.

This might help….

What is the value of a cosmetic patient’s loyalty?

Think of every single cosmetic patient as a $50,000 revenue stream.

They are worth $50,000 when you consider what they themselves invest in your cosmetic services, but also what their friends, family, colleagues and internet friends (fastest path post) invest in your services as well…..when done right.

When you look at it this way, you realize you don’t need to spend as much time and money on “one-and-done patients” plastic surgery patients because you have a steady stream of patients who return, refer and review.

For example, if your average surgical procedure is $8K, it only takes 125 of them to make $1MM but you only need 20 patients when they are worth $50K to you.

Do you see how exciting that is? Now you can scale to multi-millions of dollars per year because you are working smarter and not harder on these one-time hits.

That sounds great but how do you do that?

How do you fill up your practice with more of these raving fans?

The secret is to make them feel special because they are.

Treat your patients like your family and friends and they will reciprocate.

But don’t leave this to chance. It’s not your patient’s job to nurture a relationship with you.

It’s you and your staff’s job to treat these patients with friendliness, kindness and respect and continue to nurture these relationships for a lifetime.

Oftentimes, practices institute a loyalty program and/or you can institute these strategies ….

Here are 2 ways to build loyalty with plastic surgery patients

VIP Status

After a patient has had surgery with you, invite them back for their post-op visit and let them know you have a gift waiting for them.

Also let them know you’ll be taking their “after” photos and you would appreciate a video testimonial if they wouldn’t mind.

Now present them with a VIP card that entitles them to special perks for the next year. Some perks could include:

  • Valet Parking
  • No-Waiting Botox Appointments
  • Massage chair session in private room
  • 20% Off all laser treatments
  • Free Monthly Peel and so on

VIP Events

Hold fun catered events

in your office after hours for anyone who had surgery with you AND they are to bring a friend to introduce to you and your staff.

This way, the patients who had surgery can bond with each other about their experience and their friends can bond with you and your staff and talk about the possibilities of surgery.

Offer the guests a complimentary surgical consultation gift card to help track the results of this effort.

The point is to spend as much time building your practice from the inside out as you do trying to attract strangers to you from the Internet.

So now that you know more, do you want a one time or lifetime cosmetic patient? Please say lifetime 😉 lifetime cosmetic patient

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