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Plastic Surgeon Website Design Strategies 

A well-designed website can make all the difference in attracting new cosmetic patients you want vs. price shoppers you don’t.

It’s the first impression prospective cosmetic patients have of you, so it’s crucial it be professional, informative, and easy to navigate.

To help, keep these plastic surgeon website design strategies in mind:

Think Like Google

Google only cares about their customer’s experience. Google became the Goliath because users get the information they want quickly.

For example, if someone is sitting in Sausalito, CA and googles “tummy tuck downtime”, google will show them links that answer that question.

So, it would be smart to have a web page at with details and before/after photos.

What Do Cosmetic Patients Want from Your Website?

Cosmetic prospective patients want answers to their questions. The popular ones being:

  • Am I good candidate?
  • What results can I expect?
  • What’s the downtime?
  • How much is it?
  • Do I trust you?

For example, you can easily make 1-minute videos answering the questions above. You might be saying, “but there are already tons of others doing this”. Yes, that’s true but they are not you, with your personality and your spin.

Make your own FAQ video gallery on your website, as well as your own YouTube channel, so patients see and hear your unique approach to a procedure. To make it even more compelling, add props such as computer imaging, drawing on their photo or using live patient to illustrate.

Here are more design strategies for plastic surgeon websites to keep in mind….

Keep it Simple and Professional

I’m seeing way too many flashy graphics, cluttered layouts, and overwhelming color schemes. You are better off going with a clean and polished image, that doesn’t give your visitors a visual migraine.

When it comes to website design for plastic surgeons, less is often more. Your website should be clean, easy to navigate, and professional-looking.

For example, this website has a navigation bar for the website visitor to easily find what they are looking for in as few clicks as possible:

Highlight Your Credentials and Expertise

One of the primary reasons consumers search for plastic surgeons online is to find someone with the right credentials and expertise. This is where you show off your accomplishments so don’t be shy.

Make sure your website includes information about your education, training, certifications and highlight any awards or recognitions you’ve received.

By the way, you can include your extensive CV for patients who like the details, AND do a graphics version for those who like the quick visuals instead:

Add Lots of Social Proof

Cosmetic prospective patients are looking for reassurance they will not regret this decision so social proof is mandatory. They want to see and hear what others thought about their experience with you, so please make that a priority.

This is “show and tell” time. Back up your claims and build trust with social proof. Incorporate patient testimonials on your website to showcase your expertise and build credibility with would-be cosmetic patients. That would include thank you notes and gifts you get from your patients. Don’t hide them in a drawer – show the world!

Ask happy patients to give you a google review, approve the use of their before/after photos in your marketing efforts, and even shoot a quick video talking about their experience and how wonderful they feel now.

Videos are Hot!

Plastic surgery is a visual field, so high-quality images and videos are crucial for showcasing your work.

Short videos that are educational, entertaining and compelling win the attention of prospective cosmetic patients. That means they look at your content longer, get to know you better and contact you more often.

I recommend you invest in professional photography and videography to ensure your images and videos are of the highest quality. There are lots of local wedding videographers looking for work during the week so start there.

Include a Call to Action

Here is a huge opportunity missed by most internet marketers. Most plastic surgeon websites have a form that allows the website visitor to complete it to schedule a consultation. However, the average website opt-in rate is only 1.95%.

What happens to the remaining 98.05% who did NOT schedule a consultation? They disappear never to be heard from again.

To close the gap between booking a consultation and leaving your website empty-handed, offer something in between such as an informational guide about a particular procedure.

Collect their name, cell and email to get the guide and now you have the opportunity to follow up with the prospective patient who may now be ready to move forward.

Use these website design strategies to turn your website into a powerful tool for growing your practice and attracting the best cosmetic patients.

While you implement these website strategies that take time, here are additional patient-attraction strategies you can implement right away:

catherine-maley-book- 1


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